The seminaries are a kind of monkeys with silky hair in the Harry Potter universe, whose ability is to become invisible.
In Hogwarts Legacy, finding patron statues will require effort.


According to the franchise, only trained wizards are able to see them and find them.
You will therefore need to be aware of the surroundings specially during the night.

How to unlock the mission of the activities?

During your first hours of play, you will probably find many moons of seminar-Patron-in-games ems, but it will not be possible to interact with them initially.
For this you will have to follow the main story until you receive a Hogwarts caretaker Glad win Moon owl.
It is important not to skip this step, as the character will teach you the Alhama spell -It is very important for the game, and ask you to collect seminaries throughout the game.
From this dialogue, statues can be collected only under certain conditions.

How to find the seminaries?

The moon of the seminar can only be harvested at night when the statue shines with a bluish tone.
Open the map and press R3 (right analog down).
When your character passes close to a seminar, he will warn him, just as he does in other time-dependent times of the day.
This can happen until it is upstairs or behind a wall.
The reverse spell is your best tool for finding the activities, especially if you have invested in talent that increases your reach.
If you use it at night, the blue silhouette of the statues will appear transparent on the screen.
With their characteristic shape and color, this makes them very easy to detect, even in Hogwarts’ confused corridors.
Many of the statues are behind locked doors, which require Alhama Level 2 or even 3 to be opened.
This will greatly restrict the number of activities to which you have access at the beginning of your mission, it is good to focus on those in public spaces so that Alhama 1 is sufficient.
Consider inging the first 9 statues back to Moon and then returning to the mission.

Location of statues

In total you will find 33 moons of seminar (including the three of the main mission).
Among them, 19 will be in the territory of Hogwarts and the rest is spread among the various villages of the open world.
There is a seminar by village.
We advise you to take a first Hogwarts ride to collect what you get before moving to the nearest villages.
See then the exact locations of each seminary moon:


1-A Professor Fig classroom

Go to the Defense Tower against the Dark Arts.
You will often visit this office, so you will easily decorate the path.

2-Anex of the Liary

Return to the underground area of the liary, turning left and down the stairs to the storage area.


Join the north exit of Hogwarts in the bell tower area.
The statue is in a room located downstairs, in one of the previously locked doors.

4-Grande Salon

Go to the great Hogwarts salon.
Unlock the level 1 door on the right to reach a living room that will have a statue at a table.

5-Studies Muggles

Go to the lower levels of the astronomy wing, near the transfiguration classroom.
Go down to the dragon statue, then open the left door to the left with a kind of pit and a mini-ponte.


Teleports to Clock Court, where Duncan teaches about duel, and leave the door next to the teleportation point.
Join the two bathrooms near which one of Hogwarts’ ghosts bothers students.
It is necessary to open the bathroom door boys on the right, with alhohomora of level 2. Open the doors of the cabin: one will have a passage that gives the boiler with the feminist.

7-Divination room

Go to the guessing room at the top of the stairs.
The moon of semination is on the table.

8-Aqua Potions

Go to Potions class: Enter and turn left to get a descent ladder.
The door requires Alhama Level 1. Continue straight through the long corridor and stop to open the level 2 port on your left.
The moon will be right behind.

9-Aula of magic creatures

Enter the door of the house with Alhama Level 2, to the right of the teleportation point.

10-North Hogwarts

Go to this point and turn to face the castle.
Then go left until you find a level 1 locked door on the complex wall.

11-Transfiguration room

Go to the transfiguration room and enter the door to the left of the teleportation point.
Advance a little to find a level 2 locked doors to your right.


In this area, you will not have access to all seminary moons without levels 2 and 3 of the Alhama spell.


Join the bar and then enter the reserve behind the counter.


At the counter to the right of the Hogsmeade clothing store, a seminar moon will be far from the eye chest.

3-Casa to the east

The statue will be furniture in the house more to the east of the village.
The door is locked (Alhama level 1 is required).

4-Casa north

A statue will be in a house to unlock with Alhama Level 1, just before the ood and Peck store.

5-Three ooms

The fifth statue of Hogsmeade will be and a small table on the third floor of the tavern.
Requires Alhama Level 1.

6-Tomos and Scrolls

The seminary moon will be in the back room.
Alhama is not necessary.

7-Casa to the west

The seventh statue will not be very far from the Garrick Olivares wand store.
Requires Alhama Level 2.

8-J. Pippin’s Potions Shop

The statue will be positioned to the right of the J. Pippin’s Potions Shop store.
Requires Alhama Level 2.

9-porximo of three ooms

This moon will be in a house on the right of the three ooms.
Requires Alhama Level 1.


There is only one emitted statue by village.
Just check whether you can open the door depending on your current Alhama level.


The Transpire statue is on the second floor of a city center building, on the right side of the region’s Flu flame.


This seminar is in a small house located on the left side of the seller in the middle of the city.


This seminar is in a building near a carriage and a purple tree.
To find it, follow the road path from the location of the Flu flame.

4-Hogsfield Superior

This emitted statue is located in a house with a large wheel located in front.


This statue is in a house east of the village, near some vines.
Requires Alhama level 2.

6-Lower Hogs field

This statue is inside the Nickel house, on the left side of the main door.


This seminary moon is inside a house located at the top of the mountain.
Several pumpkins can be seen outside the house.


Iron dale’s statue is in a house near the city center.
At the door is an NPC sitting.


The statue located in Maureen can be found inside the building with the triangular ceiling.
Alhama level 2 is required to enter.


This seminary moon is behind the house’s warnings board with boilers positioned aoad.
Alhama Level 1 is required to enter.


The last emitted moon is upstairs of the building behind the seller, which is in the city center.