Omega Strikers is a competitive sports game 3 on 3, in which two teams will come to face. There are different positions, but to win, you will need to score goals, for which the striker is usually required. With several characters to choose from who can make you think about who is the best character for playing forward in Omega Strikers.

The best strikers Omega Starts

Although any player can score, first, it is the striker that will seize the core into the gate. Some characters have the best sets that make them more suitable for this position. Here are our recommendations for the best attackers in Omega Strikers.


Juliet is strong forward and also hooligan , since most of its abilities not only cause great damage, but also amaze the core. Fiery Fist is a good shock on a wide arc, allowing you to be more free to aim. Flying Phone is great to reduce the gap and give the nucleus the last impetus to the target. Finally, Flame Flurry can send the core on the flight, but is also great for stunning and knockout of another team.


Kai is one of the best burst options for forward in Omega Starters. His ability to Blazing Pace gives him acceleration, which allows him to quickly cross the arena. Barrage is good both at close range and at a distance, allowing you to shoot a few shells and push the core. A special GIG BLAST KAI launches a powerful shell that causes huge damage and casts opponents from its central point. This is useful for clearing the path and allows you to beat a goal.


Estelle succeeded in retreating a little, and then flies in for evaluation. A piercing throw should become your main tool for taking heads. Use it to banks core and pushing it. Rose Warp is good for evading attacks and reducing the distance to the nucleus, as well as for damage to the closest enemies. When accuracy is not so important, crystal spikes are great for damage to a wide area of action, damage to enemies and nucleus.


Drear is an excellent striker in the sense that he does not necessarily score, but destroys the defenders . His ability Reno Cloak allows him to become invisible and move faster, allowing the Greek ’AR to move in the arena unnoticed. This sets it up for locking and loading, which destructive is close and can quickly discard enemies. Finally, the molten arrow is great for slowing the enemies and allows you to move forward, I hope, to an unprotected goal.


X is an interesting character in that he is primarily in close combat . This makes him perfectly suitable for the attacker’s position, since he can disturb the defenders at the same time also amazing the target. Bell Ringer is great for clearing a large space around you and pushing opponents. This opens the perfect route for Bull Rush, where you can rush forward and hit the core. X Maximus!, A special object X, increases its size and strength, allowing you to better play the role of the striker.

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