The previous Dutch bond coach Louis van Goal has received an additional high royal order and also has actually been appointed officer of the Oran of Oranje-Nassau.
The Dutch Priest Sonny Elder, accountable for ing activity, offered the 71-year-old to the order on a celebration night organized at his headquarters in Zeist in honor of the ex-coach of the Bundesliga club Bayern Munich from the Dutch Football Association KNVB.

The preacher validated the award ceremony as a recognition for the special showing off achievements, which stood for van Goal the Kingdom country wide and also internationally with impacts on Dutch society.
Van Goal (71) had actually currently been defeated to the Knight of Oranje-Nassau in 1997.
The KNVB videotaped the three-time bond train in the special collection of its association knights.


He received the second greatest KNVB honor for his accomplishments as an Orange head coach.
Van Goal took care of the Fairy Valley in 3 various periods (2000/01, 2012 to 2014 as well as 2021/22).
His biggest success with Orange was third place at the 2014 World Mug in Brazil.
Under van Goal, Orange played 63 times and also won 40 victories, 19 draws and also conceded 4 defeats.