Elden Ring The players will get a variety of weapons from the Remembrance after defeating the boss class and the great enemy of the demigods. These weapons allow players to perform special attacks, and can be improved by forging gloomy stones for a stronger punch. Similarly, the performance of certain quest lines will give players some legendary weapons.

Elden Ring - The Most Insane LEGENDARY Armors & Boss Weapons | Elden Ring Tips & Tricks

Great Sword Star defilement

Big sword Star contamination can be obtained after defeating General Radanom the castle red mane. This two-handed sword, you can use both hands in each hand, and he is endowed with special abilities gravity.

Players can use the unique skill Starcaller Cry, to cause damage and to attract nearby enemies. This attack costs about 20 FP each time. Press the “strong attack” to continue the attack a powerful punch blade. Big sword Star contamination – Universal boss weapons that can be used in any situation.

Required attributes:

  • Durability: 38
  • Intellect: 15
  • Agility: 12

Black Blade Maliket

You can get Black Blade Maliketa defeating Maliketa in the destruction of Farum Azul. Players will need to use the 40 FP each time to activate his unique skill. This weapon is also endowed with the Holy damage.

His unique skill is “destined to die” allows players to stick the blade into the ground to cause a myriad of red bumps. This attack is not only causes damage, but also reduces the maximum number of enemy’s HP and for some time continued to wear the HP.

Required attributes:

  • Power 34
  • Vera 20
  • Agility 12

Rock Blade Dragon King

Rocky Blade Dragon King can be obtained by defeating the Dragon Lord Palatsidusaksa. His unique skill: “Form thundercloud” allows players to temporarily transform into a red thundercloud to fly and hit enemies with lightning.

This unique skill is worth 35 FP each time his players activate. You can also hold down the “strong attack”, to increase the distance thundercloud.

Required attributes:

  • Power 18
  • Agility 37

Cursed Sword Morgoth

Morgotta cursed sword – one of the strongest curved swords in Elden Ring. It can be obtained after defeating Morgottom in Eldenskogo throne in Lindell. Players will need to use the 20 FP each time to activate the unique skill of these weapons.

Players can use their unique skill Cursed-Blood Strike, to rush forward and strike diagonally downward. Next blade is accompanied by a flash of flame. Clicking on the additional input will allow you to conduct another attack.

Required attributes:

  • Power 14
  • Agility 35
  • Arkan 17

Great Sword of the Dark Moon

Although technically this sword is not a weapon boss, it stands out among other legendary weapons. Big sword Dark Moon can be obtained by following the chain of Ranney jobs. This legendary weapon – one of the best two-handed sword in the game.

His unique skill Greatsword moonlight charges the sword dark light of the moon. The power of magic attack temporarily increases and the blade is filled with damage from the cold. Furthermore, when the charged attack will produce arcs moonlight.

Required attributes:

  • Power 16
  • Agility 11
  • Intellect 38

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