As in each month, Valve publishes the highlight charts on Steam \ – in this case for February 2022. Particularly interesting is the overview of the Top Seller – Say: The games that have achieved most of sales in the respective month.

There are little surprising on this list, among other things, such great games such as totally was: Warhammer 3 and the very popular action roleplay Elden Ring. The Zombie game Dying Light 2: Stay Human and the Racer Grid Legends are represented. However, many smaller titles in the upper regions of the top sellers. These include Rogue Like RPG Home Behind 2, the Sandbox game Longvinter and Tiny Combat Arena. Incidentally, when calculating the list, sales counted, which was achieved within the first two weeks after the launch of a game.

Tiny Combat Arena is the correct way to describe this game
Since Steam the charts will not be published with any fixed sorting, we have opted for an alphatic listing:

  • Diplomacy is need for option
  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human
  • Elden ring
  • Final Fantasy 6
  • Grid Legends

  • Home Behind 2
  • Infernax
  • Life is strange remastered
  • Longvinter
  • Lost Ark
  • Martha is dead
  • Model Builder
  • Monark
  • Nebulous: Fleet Command
  • Ollioli World
  • The King of Fighters 15
  • Tiny Combat Arena
  • Total was: Warhammer 3