Information on the new expansion pack ‘Rich King’ and the new occupation ‘Death Knight’, which are scheduled to be applied on December 7th through Hearthstone YouTube, were released.

The Undead, which was commanded by the Rich King’s capital silver Moon, is invaded, and each job divided into Scourge and Blood Elf will be in contact with Cuelletalas, with a total of 145 new cards. You can meet.

The first thing to note is the article of new job death, which is added in about two years after the devil hunter. Death Knight’s occupation card will be added with a total of 68 cards, including 32 free core sets, and more information was also released.

The hero ability, ‘Rush Dash’, is the ability to summon 1/1 ghoul dying at the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, it is expected to be strong in the press pressure as it is a rushed minion with a lot of potential.

This hero ability also helps to use the new body of a new resource for death, which is obtained whenever a friendly minion die. Some cards of death knights have an additional effect while consuming a body in addition to MANA. For example, if you have a living minion, you can continue to damage all minions while consuming the body if there is a living minion.

The article of death is a unique thing that ‘runes’ are needed in the deck composition. There are blood runes that deal with vitality, cold runes that directly damage, and negative runes for a lot of minions, and up to three runes to construct a deck. It is also possible to make one rune as a focus or combine with other runes.

The occupational card of the article of death is from 0 to 3 runes. For example, two blood runes can be used only by placing two or more blood runes in the deck. The more you ask for the rune, the more powerful the card is, so the deck making will be needed a lot, as the configuration is more limited.

The knight of death is unlocked with the core set 32 when the Prince Arthur is completed. In addition, you can get 26 cards with Arthur’s road set, which can be purchased in gold or rune-kilsts and can also be produced.

In addition, the Rich King’s March bundled products also contain Arthur’s road sets. In addition, the 10-year-old Knight’s occupational card can be obtained from the Rich King’s march expansion pack.

More information about the article of Death can be found with Twitch drops on the official YouTube channel on November 17th and 18th at 2 am in Korea.

In the Rich King’s march expansion pack, the undead is added to the new minions. In addition to the newly added minions, as well as hundreds of minions added in the existing expansion pack, the undead race value is added. Some minions will have a dual race value that belongs to other races.

In addition, reincarnation keywords that make good use of the undead races will be incorporated into the official system and will be able to meet reincarnation minions in the expansion packs and core sets that will appear later.

The new keyword ‘Manage’, which is released together, is the ability to exert additional effects when my MANA modification reaches a specific value. It does not consume a separate MANA to activate additional ability, which seems to be similar to the Omega series or level-up spell in the past.

Along with the announcement of the expansion pack today, all players who connect to the game will be given the first neutral legend, the Sun Sam. [Sun Sam] is a 9-man and fills my hand with a random order, and the cost of another card in my hand has a reduction by one.

If you have a small card in your hand, you can get a lot of orders, but if you have a high cost, and if you have a lot of cards, you get a small order, but the cost is low, so you can make a strategy by supplementing your hands flexibly depending on the situation.


In addition, starting with the 24.6 patch today, the expansion pack ‘The Knights of Frozen Throne’ will be temporarily added as a core set, allowing you to play in regular warfare. Anyone can use it for free as it enters the core set, and the event will be held until the Rich King’s march expansion pack is released.

The meta is likely to come to the meta as it can hire past popular cards such as Hero Transformation cards such as ‘Dark Reaper Indoor, Queen Rich Queen’ and ‘Ultimate Plague or Duke Kelles’.

The Rich King’s marching card has been released in total, and new cards are scheduled to be released on November 8. The new expansion pack card and death knight card can be found on the official website .

Legendary Hero Skin will be added with a new appearance, and the first skin is Arthur Genesis to commemorate the launch of the article of death. It has appearance and hero ability animation, unique hero tray, and 3D character modeling.

And the ‘sign card’ is added as the appearance of the card. He had a unique card border following the art style of each expansion pack. It is impossible to extract production or horsepower, and can be obtained by opening or pub pass. In the march of the Rich King, you can see a total of 18 sign cards, including 15 legend cards.

In addition, in the 24.6 patch applied today, a new hero guard is added to the battlefield, a balance patch is in progress, and a Battle Bash, which allows you to obtain the battlefield items for a limited time, will be added.

When you purchase Battle Bash Pass, you can randomly obtain two legendary items, rare bartender, 5 kinds of skins, and two sets of rare emotions.

The mercenaries have added a ‘honor’ system that exchanges the remaining coins to the coins of other mercenaries, and the limited event ‘Deulchanghamni’ will be held to open 10 special missions centered on Deulchanghamni.

After the 24.6 patch, the arena can be used before the rich king’s march, which can use cards from classic to explorers, and a double occupation is applied. Demon Hunters can still play, but do not appear.

In addition, as an improvement of the deck system for new and return players, it is the same that can be selected by selecting a competitive deck, but it can be used in advance by renting six kinds of decks for a week.

Meanwhile, from today to December 7th, the Rich King’s marching product reservation is available.

The basic bundles consist of 60 Rich King’s Begun Card Pack, the back of the Porter Tear card, and two legendary cards of the Rich King.

Large bundles are 80 Rich King’s marching card packs, the back of the Loiterer card, two of the Rich King’s signboard legend card, Arthur’s road card set, Lore mar Hero Skin, and Rich King’s march sign card packs. It is included, and more details can be found in the official website .