Cologne coach Olaf Janßen gave his trust against Zwickau two new actors against Zwickau: Klefisch and Hong began for Amyn and Siebert. Osnabrück-Coach Daniel Schering exchanged his starting eleven after the 1: 1 against Turkish cu only once and replaced Haas by Kleinhansl.

The 2,000 spectators in Cologne experienced a true lightning start into the game, but Traoré awarded directly the first opportunity in the first moments of the game. On the part of the favorite, Simakala awarded the next high-cowl for a short time later (6th), before the Rhine countries with the first exclamation mark by Hong reported (7.). Osnabrück was playfully superior, but the Cologne switched to ball gains at lightning speed and delivered a duel at eye level with the ascension aspirant. Then Bördner joined the spotlight for the first time, the opokus cheeky corner ball defused (16th), and then sent his formen to the journey forward. Hong put the ball after tearing edge again over the box (17th).

Philipp’s emotional free kick

In the Sportpark Höhenberg we went further back and forth. Then the Viktoria gave a free kick directly at the edge of the penalty margin, which experts tears and Philipp stood ready: the latter took on the matter and put the ball emotionally over the wall directly into the right corner (30th). The Viktoria took the momentum, but the eye-catching Hong awarded the next high-cowl and missed it to build the lead (36.). Before the sideways, VfL laced the Viktoria at its own penalty area, failed in person of Heider (45th) and Klaas (45. + 1) at the equalizer.

Köhler balances for Osnabrück

FCM - Osnabrück...Schal-Wechselgesang...
Philipp sniffed directly at the beginning of the second passage closest to the next dream gate: the left foot nested two opponents and put a soulful throttle on the left post (49.). Only one minute later, the Viktoria had to accept the compensation: Bördner could not clarify Köhler Volley crucial and had to get the ball from the net (50th). After the hit for 1: 1, the game turned off and both teams were hard to make the opposing defense against problems. Also four personnel changes on the part of the VFL did not change at the sluggish game run until the end of the final phase.

The last minutes Joker Bertram headed for the Osnabrücker with a awarded double opportunity (74., 75.). However, both teams put the intense initial minutes in the bones, which is why the game lasted more and more pace. Shortly before the final whistle, the substitute Marseiler awarded the huge chance to the winning goal and put the ball of the maternal patrons clearly next to the left posts (89.). Thus, the encounter ended with 1: 1 and the VfL Osnabrück missed the jump in third place.

How are you? The Viktoria is guests on Saturday (14 o’clock) at the 1st FC Saarbrücken. Osnabrück receives the Braunschweig lions at the same time (both live! At Olaf Janßen).