Developer studio: Mountains Release: 2018 Platforms: Switch, iOS, Android, PC Mental Health Thread: Loss

It’s about it in Florence

Already in 2018 Florence critic and playing equally and was awarded among other things in the Game Awards as the best mobile game of the year. Beautifully drawn pictures, a touching soundtrack and a lovingly written story make the interactive comic something very special.

Content warning: The articles of Mental Health Week deal with different aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors that can cause negative reactions in some people. Please be careful with texts that potentially contain triggering topics for you.

Florence - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch

* Important note: * If you have depression or self-destructive thoughts: you are not al1. Please get help. For example, in the German Depression Help under 0800/33 44 533 or free advice centers.

The life of Florence appears eventless. Getting up, working, go to bed and again from the front. At the beginning of the game we accompany the young woman through her trissuit everyday life and get to know her so better.

Her life is changing when she loses through the sound of his Celcelo on Krish. A small bicycle accident later both get to know each other and a touchingly narrated love story begins.

We make this on the smartphone with touch gestures and small puzzle inserts. On the switch and the PC, the controller with the controller or the mouse are available.

Disclaimer Ken Wong / Mountains: According to a report by People Make Games, it should also have been given during the development of Florence toxic work culture within the Developer Studio Mountains. Several employees accused studiuders Ken Wong accordingly of the emotionally abusive behavior and gas lightings.

The interactions are simple, but always thoughtful and always fit to the respective situation. Thus, we support Florence when working with the combine of the same number pairs or pursue an acoustic track by tapping around flying music notes.

In the course of the 45-minute history there is no language and rarely text, much is told about pictures, music and our interactions.

So Florence deals with the topic loss

Love plays a role in many video games, but rarely but all aspects, in good as in the bad present.

We accompany Florence and Krishes not only on their first dates and learn to know their personalities and dreams, we also see how restraint converts in familiarity and a relationship arises, the relevant influence takes on both characters.


Our first date


It becomes heartbreaking, when we later noticed, that Routine uses to break out more and more disputes and both diverse.

Not only pictures and music ensure a malaise feeling, our actions also reflect the whole thing again. Suddenly puzzle pieces suddenly do not fit together or just slip apart – no matter how desperately we make effort.

With this Florence also tells us about the difficulties of a relationship. About before beautiful feelings that turn into anger, spuriousness and loneliness. About pain, loss and inner emptiness.

But Florence also shows us that you can defeat these negative emotions and grow on them. Like relationships, even if they fail, can have a positive impact on our lives and our personality.

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For whom is Florence agreed

Florence is above all something for fans of linear and entertaining Visual Novels and / or Young Adult stories. If you are looking for playful challenges or a history shaped by your own decisions, however, will not find it here.

The strengths of Florence are clearly in the history and the presentation. As the simple game mechanics are associated with history and the respective situations, we also have succeeded.

Conclusion of the editors

Kevin Itzinger
@ aldred138

Love. Relationship. Loss. All these are strong words that connect strong emotions. Accordingly, it is not surprising that our mental health is closely linked and the experience contributed significantly to the people we are.

That’s why it’s nice, but also important that Florence illuminates the topic of love once holistically. Even though I would have liked a few choices and one or the other extra minute in the game, I can only place Florence all the heart, which want to experience a story that is improving and deep-touched.

That’s exactly what Florence has made me every minute. I was looking forward to and for the two, laughed with them and suffered with them. The most important thing was, but that I went independent of the exit, with a good feeling from the game.

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