Remember, no later than yesterday, we learned that Dan Neuburger, the Game Director of Perfect Dark reboot, had left his position last February. Information relayed by its LinkedIn profile updated recently and seemed to hide a larger problem, namely a massive exodus of the thinking heads of the project. Indeed, Dan Neuburger’s departure followed that of Drew Murray, Lead Designer on the game, who resigned a few months earlier, to return to Insomniac Games, his heart studio. These two starts to key positions was actually only the tree that hid the forest. Indeed, according to our confreres of VGC, who have spoken with some members of the Studio The Initiative, no less than 34 people resigned, all at very important positions of the project. Game Director, Level Designer, Artistic Director, Chief Animator and even screenwriter, as much to tell you that the development of this Perfect Dark is in chaos.

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Crystal Dynamics (and Microsoft) fault?

According to the remarks relayed by VGC, these massive departures are an epidermal reaction on the arrival of the Cristal Dynamics studio in the development, missioned by Microsoft to support these veterans from the video game in the design of this FPS that is different from the others. A war of course certainly, but according to the former employees who have agreed to testify anonymously, also the directional worries taken in production. It would indeed be complicated to be heard by the project managers, who seem hermetic to the team. Some are astonished by Microsoft’s lack of reaction that would not be of great support in this internal war, a case that is not isolated, when we know that other similar projects at Microsoft have already taken place (eg : Rare with Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves). As a result, the Studio The Initiative today would have 50 employees, which is obviously insufficient to develop an ambitious project as this Perfect Dark reboot. With vacancies and a Crystal Dynamics who seems to take the lead on development, you will have to expect big changes in the direction of the game, as well in the scenario and in the gameplay, with the very risk of a reboot.. When we know that Microsoft has set up this studio in 2018 and that the official announcement was made in 2020, we are obviously not ready to see the game disembarked…