In 2010 Klaus Fiery pertained to the Weber and has been managing the management at SV Welder Bremen considering that 2012.


The 56-year-old native of Münster and previous amateur gamer from 1. FC Nuremberg and John Forehead has experienced a lot during this duration: ups and downs in the kind of blended Bundesliga years, the descent 2020/21, the direct return to the German Overhaul or
Financial bottlenecks at a financial level.
A deep bond with the North German Association was developed here, which underlines the early agreement extension from June 30, 2024 to June 30, 2026, this Thursday.

Fiery has big pleasure

I want to thank the Supervisory Board for the trust they have actually put in me and the extremely open and trusting discussions with Marco Fuchs and Dirk Hinterland. I feel fantastic, with my colleagues in the management, our group here in the office and the bodies together
To tackle tasks that lie ahead of us, Fiery is priced quote with the great, overarching dream: We want to establish Welder Bremen even more and make them competitive for the future in order to permanently develop the club in the Bundesliga.
And Fiery is the right guy in the ideal place.
Fuchs, the SVW Supervisory Board, who, together with member of the Supervisory Board Hinterland, had the talks relating to the degree of the cooperation, even states: With this decision, we wish to set a sign of continuity and stability at an early phase.

Klaus Fiery and his handling director coworkers have actually mastered the important circumstances of current years, which could be mastered by Corona and the descent.

Dirk Hinterland, member of the supervisory board at Welder Bremen
After the changes in the management at the end of the last and start of this year and the structural changes made in the company locations, it is necessary to us to have stability in the management here, and we see this through Klaus Fiery, Fuchs continued.
Hinterland includes: Klaus Fiery and his handling director colleagues have the critical situations of the previous couple of years to be mastered by Corona and the descent.
Welder will actively form and advance.