The Vampire Survivor, which was very popular in the previous stage, will be released on October 20. In line with the launch, Korean is officially supported.

Vampire Survivor Developer Ponce announced the schedule and details on the official Steam page. Pole said, With 1.0, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are officially supported. When entering 1.0, fan-based translation is no longer used. Thank you to all who contributed to localization.


Starting from the official launch, the main content in the game is completed, and some adjustments are reflected. First, the holy water/purifier, which is considered excessive compared to the efforts in the play process, is lowered. New achievements are followed, and some existing achievements are unlocked. In addition, the game will be introduced sequentially from the 20th when the game is released, and later this year, it will be converted to a new engine. The new engine aims to increase the performance and compatibility of more diverse PC environments.