Super Mario Odyssey - Journey to Launch - Nintendo Switch
Although April Fool’s is already in the past, this does not stop Internet users to create content that genuinely pulls out a laugh. On this occasion, the YouTube channel known as Nintendo Mexico, which is not official, has revealed that Super Mario Odyssey will have a DLC inspired by Family P. fight _ .

In an advertisement very to the Nintendo Direct, Yoshiaki Koizumi was in charge of presenting a DLC that takes Mario to the Town Town. Even Eugenio Derbez appears at the end of the presentation to thank him in the inclusion of him in Super Mario Odyssey .

Although everything is just a joke, there is clearly a level of dedication to this joke. From Mario dressed in a suit similar to that of Ludovico P. Fole, passing through the city is equal to that of the television series, to the remix of the main theme.

Unfortunately, or not, This DLC will never be a reality , although this does not stop the public’s imagination. Hopefully this type of jokes do not stop in the future. On related topics, “Golf_ will arrive at the Nintendo Switch next week. In the same way, an artist created a crossover between Super Mario Bros. and Turning Red.

Editor’s note:

This is a very good joke that, although nobody is believed, it does take out a couple of laughter for the fans of Mario and the Family Father, of which there are surely many around the world.