We are already facing the final straight of the season, so it is inevitable to have the mind in the next course. Therefore, we started to know more details of FIFA 23, the next delivery of the saga that will be very special, because it was a turn in the events, it will be the last one that includes the nomenclature FIFA in the title more than 25 years later.


As we have been counting, the Agreement between EA and FIFA ends when the Qatar World Cup and the football estate asks for double money to the video game publisher; And the latter consider that they can fly alone and that the name mark is only “four letters that do not contribute so much.” In VGC claim that the game will be called FIFA 23, but it is more than likely to be the last time we can call it that way. And they also point to other novelties.

News from FIFA 23

We are going to collect all aspects that count the aforementioned medium, with which they want to make the next FIFA something much more interesting. Starting with the Hypermotion Technology , which this year has brought us more than 5,000 different animations. Apparently, it is receiving considerable update and now “_ it allows the development team to capture real players animations using cameras at the stadium, eliminating the need to wear capture costumes.”

According to they count, with this improvement you can capture “up to 100 times more data” , which can be a bestial impulse to the technical part of the EA Sports game.

As already known, the game will include the FIFA World Cup, both in its male version and in its female version . EA’s intentions are to increase licensing agreements with the teams and leagues of women’s championships, which represents a necessary impulse after several years stagnant in this aspect. In addition, they also point to that it will have Crossed Game between platforms **, an aspect that would be novel, since the saga has never included it to date.

All this is not official at the moment, but the sources are quite reliable and it is a means of prestige that you have had Access to Internal Reports of EA in which you talk about everything mentioned. Even so, we will wait to be able to deepen more in all this.

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