Elden Ring has not stopped reaping successes since his departure enough months ago, since in a short time he became one of the best games in terms of sales. And now, it is confirmed that his universe continues to expand in merchandise, specifically the exit of two arts books focused on such a singular game was confirmed.

The two books will go on sale in Japan on the next November 30, each with approximately 400 pages, which will show us sketches and other issues related to the art of the title. Its price will have the equivalent of the 35 dollars , and it is worth mentioning, that in Amazon of Japan they can already be officially set aside.

Two official art books of Elden Ring will be launched.

The total number of elements introduced in the book will be more than 800!


According to the descriptions, this is what would include each volume:

The art used in the introduction of the game, the conceptual art of the fields and the dungeons, and the art related to the characters and armor that appear in the game.


The second the art of the threatening enemies that are located on the player, as well as various weapons. The end of the book contains numerous illustrations of objects of the game.

Remember that Elden Ring is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.