The brand-new upgrade 1.08 vocals of Responsibility: Modern War 2 is on-line as well as weighs approximately 50 GB on Xbox. All details concerning download as well as the previously understood spot notes can be located on mango.

What exists in the upgrade? Authorities spot notes still exist, however designer Infinity Ward has verified that weapon tuning is back in the video game.

The launch of Phone call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare was extremely effective, however not without problems. Detailed, the developers repair the technological stress, consisting of the current update 1.08.

Just how huge is the upgrade? This is really various this time and players specifically on Xbox report large download data.

COD MW2: Update 1.08-Patch Notes from 03.11.

When does the upgrade come? The patch is currently on-line.

While PlayStation gamers report from some 100 MEGABYTES, some Boxers need to download and install up to 50 GB.

The download begins during the day when you have the chance if you want to play this evening.

For example, tool adjusting has actually currently returned, which resulted in accidents. However, the full patch notes will only come later on.

We will reveal you what is recognized for the update 1.08 as well as what is recognized for download.

There were additionally updates on the developer’s Trello board-here those liable accumulate known errors and also solutions where they are dealing with. The following was dealt with:

  • Waffen-Tuning/ Timber Tuning is back
    When playing in a group, Problems with collisions

  • Various insects as well as exploits on various maps

To all computer gamers with Nvidia cards: There was a hotfix from Nvidia for the current driver-this triggered troubles in MW2. You can currently load the existing motorists again (by means of

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There are presently no indications of why the upgrade with some Xbox players accepts such a huge measurement. We just need to wait on the spot notes.

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For more details we need to wait for the main patch notes. We upgrade the article accordingly-the details ought to come throughout the day.