Developer Dead Drop Studios has launched the delivery of the new Survival Horror game inspired by the “Biohazard” and “Silent Hill”, “ OUTBREAK: CONTAGIOUS MEMORIES “.

In this work, I look for a way to escape from the city that was filled up with the environmental puzzle and Undead’s large group as a female LYDIA in the ruins warehouse. In addition to the viewpoints of the first person perspective, the third person pointpoint, the fixed camera point of view, and the 3-piece clothing, it corresponds to CO-OP play.

  • Classic survival hollow mechanisms such as inventory and resource management, creating and arranging notes, backtracking and puzzle.

  • Even with solo or friends can play the entire game.

  • Integrated camera control that can be selected from one-person, third person, fixed camera.

Resident Evil 4 Retrospective: The Savior/Downfall of Survival Horror
* A monster with a lot of beasts and teeth that caused the group of undeads.
Arcade-style bonus mode “Operation: Rabid Wolf”, who is not fighting while rescueing survivors with one or friends

  • A large number of unlocked bonus content and game modes.

  • A voiceless actor who is likely to have a sandwich.

Omage “Outbreak: Contagious Memories” to classic survival horror is distributed for Windows (STeam) / ps5 / ps4 / xbox Sries X | S / Xbox One. STeam applies 20% off until April 14.