Although the criticism has not been very kind to FIFA 23, it has been acceptable in sales, since this delivery means the end for the franchise, at least in the name of the name. In fact, one of the purchase reasons that most called the users was that in the future a mode of the Cater Cup that is celebrated in November will come.

Through social networks, it has been shared that some players have already managed to enter that game mode without many inconveniences, specifically those who have a console PlayStation 5. Many show the game modalities and dispute Matches in Ultimate Team. To enter you have to act multiplayer activities of the console, and put the option of the World Cup .

Instead of the 32 national selections for the World Cup, there will be 48 teams in total, and you can play in four different sums: FIFA World Cup Live, FIFA World Cup Kick-off, online tournament and FIFA World Cup 2022 . EA Sports A Unique does not go to confirm if they are already going to release the mode for all in general.

Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: The celebration of the World Cup in Qatar attracts a lot of attention, so having these games modes will only excite fans. Sure EA will do something about it after learning about all this.