In September Riot Games azil announced its first official Wild Rift women’s tournament, the Wild Circuit : Game Changers. The championship has $110,000 awards and will be attended by eight teams, which will reach the playoffs through two qualifiers, the first of them has already been held and the second, Raven, starts this Friday (14). See below how to watch the matches that will happen.

WILD CIRCUIT : Game Changers-2nd Qualification: Raven

On October 14, at 7 pm, the second qualification matches will be oadcast by members of the Revel ah project, designed by Angola, who currently has a rocket, and aims to generate new talents for the female narrator community, commentators and analysts community.-Tabata, one of CBOL Academy’s current casters, was part of the program.

Check out the channels of all the people who will oadcast matches them games made by each of them will be informed in their respective social networks:

Already on the 15th and 16th, the oadcast will be made on the Caster Raven channel on Twitch, from 13h, with the participation of the following casters:

  • Marcos
  • DIED
  • Sidles
  • Sean
  • Trinity

Wild circuit: Game Changers-Playoffs

Each qualifying will distribute points to the teams according to their places. The eight teams with the highest scores will play playoffs. This phase will be held between October 27 and November 11, with official oadcast on the Wild Rift channel on Twitch.

For more information, you can check out the official text of the competition on the Wild Rift ESports website and also Raven’s profile on Twitter.