Our goal was to provide a magnificent, loose, and sensual experience. While developing, the situation in the world felt that there was a correlation with these themes, and the team gradually. The consciousness has come to want to make a blanket that warms up the players.

This is a message from She Santa Monica Studio, the developer of this work, sent along with the review code of God of War Ragnarok .

God of War Ragnarok, which appeared as a sequel to God of War, which was evaluated as a rare masterpiece, is a suitable work that should be talked about in modern times. While inheriting the action experience evaluated in the previous work straight, we will carefully develop a heartwarming story. The legend of god killing, which began with a blood-painted revenge tan, has now become a warm blanket that wraps our heart, which was terribly difficult.

  • This paper is written based on the play in the code for reviews provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment (hereinafter, SHE). In this article, there is a content that can be regarded as a mild spoiler about god of War and God of Warragunarok.

God of Warragunarok is an action adventure game for PS4/PS5 released on November 9, 2022. It is a sequel to God of War released in 2018, and the development is still in charge of the She Santa Monica Studio. As the arrival of Ragnarök is approaching reality due to the killing of the god of light in the previous work, the son and child and the parent and child are father who wants to live peacefully with their families, and the son who burns in the sense of mission to prevent Ragnarök. There was a conflict of opinion. Adolescent sons and disks of gods. A magnificent and heartwarming story develops.

Model beauty worthy of the sequel

It was four years ago that the previous work, God of War, was released to spin a new myth of the series. It was a work that was a major feature of the complete fusion of acts that talk by play through audio-based productions and acts that speak by strict technique through gameplay. The outstanding artwork, the truly acting of the actors, and the new gameplay are integrated with the full-length one-cut production technique. The system and story are inseparable and cannot be captured separately. Furthermore, it creates the time to continue flowing without the beginning or end, reminiscent of the world’s existence and the history behind the world without talking. It was an action adventure that succeeded in providing users a story experience that could only be established in games, expressing the theme of family love with the whole body of the work.

The actions renewed from the old series provided the comfort of violently cracking the flesh and burning the enemy, and the wildness that continued from the old series, with the sense of urgency of the old series. There were multiple defeated enemies outside the main story, and the content was directly reflected. At the same time, the production technique of full-length one-cut, and as a medium that expresses the year of the Craters’s own aging = series, and the theme of the work has the theme of the work. I started to have a role.

Improving the character’s ability to improve the bonds of the family itself, and the new tactics created through cooperation with Atreus are spices for the progress of the two people as a spice, and the child grows into the player. It was intuitively recognized the change of Kraus’s feelings through. The same is true for the mystery solving gimmicks that appear in the work. The God of War’s game system not only provides players a fresh play experience compared to the old series work, but also combines the system and the story, so that the theme you want to express is only in words. It was another pillar to provide a unique story experience, as shown in the attitude.

The game system of the direct sequel, God of War Ragnarok, has inherited this nature as a large frame, and it is rarely seen in the base. A thrilling battle from a third-person perspective, selection of action and tactics due to differences in weapon type and attributes. In this work, the third weapon that enables high-speed combat in a mid-range range appears, but there is no dramatic change in the fighting experience obtained from the action. In conjunction with the story of this work and the elements described later, the Craters can be interpreted as already mature. In addition, although multiple newly-searched fields have been added, there are not many locations that feel new compared to the previous work overall. In this regard, there are only nine Nordic myths equivalent to the original, and there are many opportunities to revisit the world once visited.

On the other hand, the part of providing a story experience through action is greatly handled. The addition of Atreus Part. In this work, the time will be used many times to operate Atreus, which had stayed in the position of a young buddy in the previous work, as an independent player character. The player challenges the field gimmick as Atreus and defeats the enemy as Atreus. Customized elements such as skills and equipment are also available while simple. As for the structure of the story, Crate Spurt → Atreus Part → Crate Spurt… His combat action, mainly based on bow and arrow and magic, has a different nature from Rates, which involves close actions in the shooter element. Nevertheless, it offers a pleasant and unchanged and unchanging fun like a series.

Needless to say, the existence of this Atreus Part embodies the theme of this work, parent separation and parent and child growth. The fact that Atreus can defeat the enemy alone makes you intuitively feel the flow of the world in the work. The unchanging fun that you can get through the battle strongly impresses the player that he is the son of Kraus. The Craters, which is operated while Atreus is not nearby, is somewhat easy and lonely. It is also unique to provide field gimmicks that cannot be solved during Atreus parts and gimmicks that can be solved with different approaches from Crate. Not only gives players motivating the field to return to the field, but also expresses that he is still growing. It is wonderful that the introduction of the Atreus Part with a different feeling of operation has eliminated the rut in gameplay. It is a design of both acquisitions that stimulate the player while talking.

However, the introduction of Atreus Part does not change the action experience from the previous work. In addition to the fact that this work is easy to understand and there are few new elements, some people may have recognized that the development is stagnant from the previous work in terms of changes in play. In the series work, how far it will take over the elements of the previous work and provide a new experience is an eternal task. However, staying in a stagnant state is not evil. The difference between Is this again and this is right, and the difference between new and interesting and I can’t understand it too much is a problem with the attitude of the recipient, but the work. Is it a convincing explanation to the user?

In that regard, God of Warragunarok believes that the user has been fully explained to not changing much. In the previous work, this series has established a fusion of acts that are stored by play and act of spoken by ways in the way through gameplay. In other words, the act of slaughtering enemies with weapons and magic has transformed into one of the habits of the Crate-Sound parent and child as a game as a game. It has become one of the identities that form the existence of a Craters parent and child.

It is unnatural that lifestyle changes dramatically over a few years (it would be strange if it would not move from Greek mythology to the Scandinavian mythology world), and after many years of training. Furthermore, it is also unnatural for the technology that would have been changed. This is the reason that it can be interpreted as a mature entity when compared with Atreus with the lack of change in the action of Craters. When I visited my parents and children and visited the Nibelheim land, I learned the nostalgic games like when I returned home, not More? By eliminating it, it is designed to be a common personality that is uniform. It can be said that it is one of the specifications suitable for the sequel.

He also stated that there was no dramatic change in the action of this work, but there are much fine evolution. A typical example is a mystery solving gimmick. The mystery solving in the previous work was very simple, as if you brought it from the Uncharted and The Legend of Zelda series. However, this work has an arrangement unique to the God of War series. Predict the reflected trajectory of the weapon and apply it, or use the emblem attached to the wall with a bow and arrow to explode an attribute. In combat, the importance of choosing Parry and avoidance has increased, and not only is the playful content that reflects the play skills, but the number of enemies that need to cooperate with partners when capturing. The number of actions that the partner performs automatically has increased, and it has become possible to provide active support. Depending on the addition of abundant accessibility settings, detailed retry points, and difficulty settings, measures to expand the player’s frontage are sufficient. Danseuse wireless controllers have effectively acted to promote the immersion in the experience.

Overall, the game system of God of War Ragnarok has not changed significantly from the previous work, and as a sense, it is a specification aiming for a stable and fun supply that is nostalgic. Nevertheless, the content has been steadily evolved, and is finished in the content suitable for the sequel. The attitude is like a Craters parent and child who continues to grow slowly. Among them, the newly introduced Atreus Part has only increased the number of playable characters at first glance, but because it is a fusion of play and games, as a story production, it is in the game. It has a dazzling presence as a camphor agent.

A story that affirms and respects breaking

Then, how is the essential story of this work itself? The story of the previous work is that although the gods of the war, which has flowing into the world of Scandinavian mythology due to twists and turns, will continue to search for attitudes for my child, perhaps because of the fear of the past, because of the fear of the past. It was a struggle for raising children. Freya & Ball parent and child, who can’t grasp how they can get in touch as a father and can’t get out in front of them, and the relationship between the son, Atreus, who cannot stop walking due to excessive power, has fallen in communication. It was drawn carefully through the contrast with Mani & Meiji, a brother. The composition of the story depicted as a very personal warm home drama and the magnificent adventure set in the Scandinavian mythology is wonderful, and the highest artwork, play accompaniment, and the truly acting of actors. Combined, it was finished in a content that would leave a name in the history of the game.

The story of God of War Ragnarok was a wonderful content that was as good as the previous work. However, at the same time, as reported in advance, it was a content that could read the traces of the development team’s discussion, whether to make a two-part or a trilogy. This work is also a form of spinning lyrical poetry and epic at the same time, involving Nordic mythology related to Ragnarök in a home drama. What is different from the previous work is the theme listed by the work. Parents are separated, children away. If the previous work was a story that packed each other’s distance, this work can be said to be a story that keeps the distance between each other. If you become a teenager, you will have several secrets that no one can tell your parents, and form an independent world view. And parents cannot understand all the children. The child who has acquired the individual goes out of the parent’s view of the world, and has a collision in search of the other person’s understanding because of each other in a different world.

The great thing about the story of this work is that parents are separated, and eventually the theme of affirmation of disconnection is very carefully drawn in this modern age. Crate says. Why don’t you understand your parents’ feelings? Atreus says. I don’t understand that person. Fucking father. Based on the presence of Atreus parts, there is a sense of distance between parents and children in the work. Crate is frustrated by the worries that he can’t understand all his son, and Atreus feels stressed by his father’s not confiding the past and still a child.

However, they accept the sense of distance slowly and slowly. Remember that they have different beings and have different positions and perspectives. Understand something you can’t understand. Accept complex events as good without simplifying them and without applying anything. It is independent, growth, and respect. Through the spread of SNS, it has become commonplace to be connected with others. The opportunity to meet unacceptable opinions in my opinion has increased significantly more than before. The story of parents and children, which cannot understand, forced, and affirm the disconnection, is deeply matched with such modern times, and it is still the only thing you want to experience.

The artwork of this work that supports this is a finish that exceeds the previous work that makes full use of the performance of the next-generation aircraft. One of the most surprising writers is the number of models related to living things. Birds, small animals, insects and creatures in a mysterious figure are visible and moved alive when they look unexpectedly. This creates a dynamism in the background itself, increasing the reality. In the item related to the game system earlier, Action game-like play has transformed into a lifestyle for Crate-Sacho, but how much production melts the border between the game and the story is a very standing stage. If it is not a suitable world, there is no source or child. The moment of recognizing one step away, This is a game, must be reduced as much as possible. This work is not only for this beauty, but also because there is a way to draw myths as a real world.

The actors’ acting is also wonderful. First, when you start the game, the player notices that Atreus is changing. The tone has also changed to a teen-like shaved head. Here, the player notices the passage of time and is drawn into the world of this work. A dignified voice of Rates, a voice like a nice uncle in the neighborhood of Mimic. All of them are indispensable pieces for this work.

So far, we have mentioned the great points in the story and audiovisual expression, but there are also points that I felt unsatisfactory. The first thing I want to point out is that my myths, especially in the end of the home drama, are very good or bad for the home drama that has been drawn very carefully. I know that this work is mainly the fate of Ragnarök’s destruction and the resistance to the fate as a revenge, that is, the process up to the incident, and the individual story, and the incident itself is not the main. However, I wanted the writer to take a little more scale and depict it. The scale of the magnificent phenomenon of the destruction of the world was slightly small. By the way, the story that emphasizes the elements of myths is mainly drawn in the subquest. Therefore, it does not mean that myth is hardly taken up.

One of the concerns is that the theme of this work includes good things that cannot be understood. In other words, there are frequent events that do not explain the principle in the work and are not as good as the human hands. Users who have a stance of appreciation of I want the viewers to grasp everything from the viewpoint of God and I want them to explain everything logically will probably be frustrated. This is a part that depends on the taste of human, and is not a problem.

Furthermore, this work is based on the premise that all the elements are done after clearing the previous work. Specifically, he has cleared all the subquests and subjugated to the hidden boss, Valkyrie Queen Saloon. For the time being, the synopsis of the previous work can be checked in the game, but this work is a part of the production of the time of the world in the work, so play the previous work as much as possible and experience. It is better to play after soak in your own blood.

I wanted to make a blanket that warmly wraps players, said Santa Monica Studio, who developed this work. The legend of god killing, which began with a blood-painted revenge tan, has now become a warm blanket that wraps our heart, which was terribly difficult. Following the previous work, which was evaluated as a rare masterpiece, God of Warragunarok will be a historical myth.