See our guide to Darius play as a to planer at League of Legends during season 13.
Keep in mind that this guide is not fixed for any and all games-each has its own particularities-and the runes and builds to use with Nexus’s hand need to be adapted to each match.
This guide on how to play Darius Top at LOL’s Season 2023 is a direction.

Runes of Darius in League of Legends

Darius’s best runes to play on the top route in the 13th season of League of Legends.
It is currently the most used.

Initial items and best boots for Darius in League of Legends

We suggest buying the following initial items to get an advantage by playing Darius in LOL season 13.

Darius mythical item in the League of Legends

The best mythical item for using Darius playing on the top route on LOL’s Season 2023 is:

Complete Darius Builds at League of Legends

Players are currently following the following itemization for Darius.
But remember: Each match has its uniqueness and cutting items, magic resistance or others may be more necessary.
Be aware of the match-up.
The Steel sign allows Darius to enter the fight while providing the champion better survival capacity and additional damage.

Darius Skills Order to Pure in League of Legends

In this section you will find our advice on how to prioritize your skills playing with Darius as a to planer.


Depending on the situation, sometimes you may prefer to prioritize a different skill

Best Summoner Spells for Darius at League of Legends

Following are the two most commonly used summoner spells with Darius players on the top route.
They may vary depending on your style of play, match-up etc.

How to play Darius Top in League of Legends

Route phase

Darius stands out at the beginning of the game for his damage and regeneration.
The champion is particularly effective against melee champions.
Level 1: Take W (mutilating attack) and carry your conqueror rune.
Take advantage of the automatic attack cooldown update provided by your W (mutilating attack) to accumulate maximum bleeding with painful wounds.
Level 2: Use Q (tie) to improve your clue holding the clue, thanks to cure if you hit your enemy with your ax blade.

Team fights

  • Try to hit your and (apprehend) to attract a lost enemy.
  • To optimize your DPS, carry your passive, bleeding, to the fullest in an enemy.
    Take advantage of the damage bonus provided by its passive to decimate your enemies.

  • Hit as many enemies as possible with Q (tie) to stay alive in the fights.
  • Use your R (Nexus Guillotine) to end your enemies.
    If this spell kills the target, it can be reused in 20 seconds at no MANA cost.
    At level 16 (grade 3 of the last), the spell no longer costs MANA and cooldown is canceled if followed by the death of its opponent.

Tips and tricks to play Darius at League of Legends

  • Q (decimal) restores Darius’s health based on the number of enemies affected by the blade only.
  • W (mutilating attack) redefines your basic attack.
  • And (seize) can pull enemies through the walls if they are at their reach.
  • After 5 cumulative effects of its passive, bleeding, its r (nexus guillotine) inflict maximum damage.
  • When it accumulates five drops of opponent’s bleeding, Darius can directly apply the maximum passive load to any other enemy champion.
  • If R (Nexus Guillotine) does not kill your immediately, but he dies within a short time, his cooldown will still be updated.
    This guide used the statistics gathered in the localities and U.GG portals.