Home News The Last of Us HBO Click Child was a nine-year-old contortionist
In case you ask how they made that moment feel so real and scary.
HBO’s The Last of Us episode was broadcast earlier than usual last week to avoid competing with Sunday night’s Super Bowl.
If you have not yet had the opportunity to see the last episode of the program, stop reading now, since there are many spoilers ahead.
Starting right now with a little additional information about how exactly the show runners made that click-like child seem so scary.
Ellie climbs to the back of a car while the infected, clicks and a large swollen cause chaos around them.
What he did not expect when he did that was for a child to click through the same window and drag disturbingly on the vehicle seats towards her.


Folding and contorting its limbs while moving towards Ellie, the reason why the scene seemed so real because it was real.
The click that played the boy who almost ended up with Ellie was actually a nine-year-old girl named Skye Newton.
Not only that, but Craig Main told Variety (thanks, dlprivateserver) that the young actor was also a contortionist.
A young promising gymnast who clearly has at least a couple of potential races ahead, and ended his time on the screen at The Last of Us jumping on Kathleen and tear it…