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Assassins Creed Valhalla will have a complimentary game mode with a launch home window, and also there are more shocks

The launch day of The Forgotten Saga has not been provided, yet Ubisoft plans to launch it at some factor in Summertimes . When it comes to the rest of content updates, the designer promises the return of the celebrations, along with patches that present even more kinds of armor, brand-new tombs to discover this autumn and a Dexterous Obstacle Pack Load 2.

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is commemorating. With 15 years behind him, the Ubisoft legend commemorates the milestone with an event packed with news about some of his deliveries, which consists of content for the most recent Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Due to the fact that, according to the info shared throughout program, programmers prepare an excellent handful of cost-free updates for the coming months.

The Forgotten Saga setting will arrive in summer season Ubisoft has actually assessed some of the components that will be included in Eivor’s journey, yet probably all the attention of the players drops to The Forgotten Saga ; An ambitious game mode that, with auto mechanics inspired by gender Rogue-Lite , will lead us to consistent fights in which we need to pass away as well as learn to progress.

10 titles playing with the tales of our childhood

Once upon a time there were tales that had found the way to the wonderful world of video game. But what was not their surprises to realize that the joyfulness and naivety of their universe did not really stuck with the standards of this new medium. But it was already too late and Cinderella, Raiponce or Alice found themselves thus remodeling despite themselves over the games. You will understand it, the selection of today offers you to (re) discover video games offering their own version of the tales of our childhood.


the tales of your childhood like you have never seen them

American McGee’s Alice

American McGee’s Alice is probably the most obvious example of video reappropriation of a tale of our childhood. As the title suggests it is that of Lewis Caroll, alice in the land of wonders, that the developer American McGee chose to retranscribe in 2000, not without bringing a touch of darkness. From the beginning, the game plants the decor with an alice interned in an asylum following the tragic death of his parents. As you can imagine, his little imaginary world has nothing wonderful since this event. Filled with scary places and Cadaverish creatures, it has become synonymous with danger and death. She will return to Alice, return to the land of madness, less demanded by criticism but still a classic. Note that American McGee has ponduced a game in the same kind, this time inspired by the history of Little Red Riding Hood: Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. The latter received rather negative returns, but is available for free on Steam if you want to try there.

  • American McGee’s Alice – January 11, 2001 PC PS3 360
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What’s more logical for a tale than to be adapted in Visual Novel? This is what the Moacube independent studio has by offering its own version of cendrion . Wanting more mature, the game focuses more on the characters, their past, their psyche and their desires. Cinters has everything from the princess in distress that awaits the prince charming to deliver her horrible step, if it does not It is that it has the will to take its destiny in hand and get out of it by its own means. It is up to you to make the right choices so that the way of the happy end that suits you best, as unconventional as it is. Cinters offers three different purposes, dictated by no less than 120 decisions to take. By its interesting approach, Cinters delivers an interactive novel tinged with feminism that will profoundly change your vision of cendrion. Never again will you read the classics of your childhood in the same way.

  • Cinters – June 20, 2012 PC Switch

Fairytale Fights

A little blood to change? Fairytale Fights on a set of platforms and action at the heart of a village of tales where the thirst for blood dictates the actions of each. In the shoes of one of the four heroes of available tales In the game, your only goal is to move the slightest enemy that goes on your way, without forgetting to slide on the puddles of blood resulting to move faster. We are far from the childish and naive universe of the tales of our childhood. C Ertes, the game has sparked rather mixed opinions at the time of its exit. But the simple fact of seeing Snow White by Vergundy the seven dwarfs or the little red ride cut off enemies with chainsaw deserves that we speak of this title with the concept quite wacky.

  • Fairytale Fights – October 22, 2009 PC PS3 360


Decidedly, American McGee devotes a real worship to tales. After Alice and The little red ride, the developer launches with Spicyhorse in a redesign of all Tales of Grimm and others. From cendrillion to jack and the magic bean, they are all passed, episodically, under the Grimm’s scoreri. Forget the _ “they lived happy and had many children” _, the characters of our favorite tales were tired. You can now say hello to dark and detracted stories that are revealed over the 23 episodes of the game. As you can doubt it, each episode is centered on a precise tale, which is being dissected from a new angle. Time of 30 minutes. The game did not experience the success of this dear American McGee’s Alice, but still remains a curious way to plunge into the tales of our childhood.

  • American McGee’s Grimm \ – January 6, 2014 PC

Odin Sphere

Let’s go on the Square Enix side that proposed, in 2008, a little particular game / tale. Odin Sphere is a 2D RPG action that comes in fact as a story in the form of a video game. That’s why the game really starts once you enter a book, at the The way of the animated drawings Simsala Grimm who start once the two protagonists plunge into the pages of a tale. In addition, the game multiplies references. It follows Alice, a girl who isolate to read her book before being teleported in a wonderful world. Velvet is, meanwhile, a stylized version of Little Red Riding Hood. And since we talk about characters inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, we enjoy it for draglkstalkers 3 and his Baby Bonnie Hood, A Badass version of the character of Perrault and Grimm. To return to Odin Sphere, although the game is not a direct adaptation of a tale, it bathes so much in this universe that it has its place in our selection.

  • Odin Sphere \ – March 13, 2008 PS4 PS3 VITA PS2
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We totally change registry by moving away from the known tales of the small French people we are to open up to other cultures. For if some of you have grown up in the Scandinavian countries, they have not necessarily been stewed with the same stories. Besides the Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, there is a very scandinavian folklore very inspired by mythology Nordic that still dreams young and old. If Jötunhjort or Jötunúlfur are names that speak to you, this game is an opportunity to start their research in a poetic adventure with fairy tales. And if that does not tell you anything, it is perhaps the opportunity to discover through a very good independent game the stories that are told to children abroad. In the same kind, we Can also quote Never Alone, An independent game that proposes to adapt the stories that the Iñupiat, a people from Alaska, are transmitted from generation to generation.

  • RÖKI \ – 23 July 2020 PC PS5 PS4 Switch

The Path

We leave the childish and poetic tales to take a good dose of horror with The Path. This title takes us once again on the road to petit red chaperon, a road full of heavy transgressions of consequences and dark banners. The Path is an introspective horror game that pushes you to reflect on the notions of obedience and consequences. Strangely, the game does not have stressful elements like a time limit or monsters to fight. It is thus accessible to the greatest number, although its horrifying atmosphere and the violence implied will not be suitable for every1. It is therefore an atypical experience of six hours that The Path offers us. And the latter had been rather well received by the criticism at the time of its release in 2009.

  • The Path – March 18, 2009 PC
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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

You will probably be surprised to see the WITCHER DLC 3 appear in this list. It must be said that the universe of Riv geralt has a priori a lot to see that of our children’s tales. And yet, A whole pan of the DLC plunges into the world of fairy tales, where the most famous stories are perverted by vile creatures and dark designs. Sole to speak the big bad wolf and Stuff the three little (wholesale) pigs with the usual phlegm of our witcher, it has enough to make. As you can doubt it, nothing is beautiful and wonderful in this world of fairy tales, and even the joyful Raponce is gradually gnawed by depression. And what can we do when we are at the end of the roller and we have a hair as long as robust? We let you imagine and launch the DLC to confirm your thought.

  • The Wiccher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine \ – May 31, 2016 PC PS4 ONE
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The Wolf Among US

We change decor to settle in colonial America from the 1980s, where reality is mixed with fiction. To flee the opponent, a vile tyrant, the characters of the tales and other fables have left their universe to reach the real world. Thus together, they base the city of Fableville and change their personal appearance in order to hide from Humans. In this pounding context, you play the Sheriff Bigby Golf (Alias The Great Naughty Wolf) who is responsible for watching over the safety of the inhabitants of Fableville. Through a narrative game signed TELLTAL GAMES, you will have to make the right decisions for the prosperity of your little village, and this throughout the various episodes proposed. Stop seeing the heroes of your favorite tales as you have never seen them.

  • The Wolf Among US – October 11, 2013 PC PS4 One PS3 360 Vita iOS

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries

And we finish with Little Red Riding Hood that has definitely a lot of success in the world of video game. And in 2015, it is grin and rebellion that got coal to offer us a dystopic version of the children’s story. In Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, it’s the revenge that leads our little red riding hood in A new adventure within a city where martial law has withdrawn all ounces of humanity to its inhabitants. The father of our heroin has unfortunately made the costs… Thanks to his very particular artistic direction, the title had managed to stand out. The universe as well as the soundtrack wanted to go there. Unfortunately, flaws of gameplay, camera and scenario had pushed us to grant him the small rating of 13 out of 20.

  • Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries \ – March 17, 2015 PC PS4 ONE
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  • Faairmm: The Insomniac Beauty: a horror game in point’N’Click in the world of The beautiful sleep
  • Lies of P: An Souls-like in the Pinocchio universe, tinged with a good touch of morbidity.


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