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The reason we’re still playing the criticized Battlefield 2042

I’m afraid this article will cause a lot of repercussions. Given my preference for Battlefield 2042, I’m the only one in the editorial area, not just there. My friends also avoid shooters, like a ball pool with a shark warning.

I don’t have a habit of self-abuse; I like Battlefield 2042! At the same time, the once-horrible-looking game is even close to an acceptable release in technical terms.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pissed, but I’m still loyal to Battlefield 2042 for five reasons.

This is my Battlefield.
No, I’m not saying Battlefield 2042 feels more intimate since there are only a few thousand active Steam players. Also true. It’s strangely enlightening to know you’re playing with someone as obsessed with it as I am. Everyone who plays now loves this game, like me. We understand each other.
Anyone who plays with me now can understand my pain. We share our feelings that we managed to get through the difficult initial phase despite our mistakes and still hold our ground. This creates a strange sense of unity.
Also, I’m part of the obscure crowd that 2042 seems to be targeting: it inspires me in terms of setup and presentation. One trailer was enough, and my mouse finger slid over the Ultimate Edition buy button. Of course, I don’t know anything about new paid content still takes six months.
I was so excited during beta testing that none of the issues (poor performance, lack of polish) bothered me. I’m excited to play Hyundai’s new Battlefield.

My Favorite Design Choices
Too big maps, too many players per game, experts instead of pros: The Battlefield community is generally annoyed at where DICE is going in 2042. There are too few old battlefield virtues and too many novel experiments, which is the harsh inference of critics.
On the other hand, the experts in the game don’t bother me at all. Only the end-game statement is annoying.

It is rare to have experienced such a contradictory tone:
The world is in a gully.
War is raging everywhere.
Of course, everyone has a playful joke in their mouths.
On the other hand, in normal gameplay, I barely noticed the difference in soldier class. Even in Battlefield 4 and its genre, a colleague with healing abilities or ammo boxes is missing everywhere. In Battlefield 4 and 2042, my character would occasionally bleed to death at the feet of a troubled doctor.

Update 4.0 brings technological redemption.
In the end, I can fully dive into the game and not get angry all the time. Do you remember the indescribable twitches and glitches around every corner, annoying bugs and crashes, weapon balance from hell? But DICE has fixed many bugs and bugs, smoothed out weapons, and more. Today, the few thousand remaining players noticed this, and the gaming experience was much smoother.
A massive patch with bug fixes, optimizations, and comfort improvements was recently released with update 4.0. Of course, I have to try it myself. It does! From the first moment, one sentence came to mind: If Battlefield 2042 appeared like this, we would have a happier community now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – the indifference of disappointed fans is probably a fair admission. But it hurts me because it’s a battlefield after all!

I like Battlefield 2042
If you take it to heart, make yourself a picture of the game. Meanwhile, the overall vision behind Battlefield 2042 is getting better. What already excites me in the closed beta is the sense of movement that comes with the two sprint speeds, the satisfying weapon gameplay, and the “typical battlefield moment” that PR has repeatedly used. I slid a few inches sideways, so the Jeep rolled smoothly over me instead of hitting me.
The intensity in a big fight is when dozens of defenders defend target points, teeth, and nails while the opposing team throws everything at you. That’s what makes Battlefield great. I sincerely hope the brand can recover from the launch fiasco.
And still: Even the little bit of progress already in Battlefield 2042 can keep a buddy like me busy for hundreds of hours. It provided that you’re a rare breed that likes to show fancy black and red symbols on their avatars. It’s just dummy garbage, but it’s hard to come by. I want!
It was then that I developed a strange connection to my skin for the M5A3 assault rifle, which I’ve been through a lot. Simply because of the lack of cosmetic content. This is how necessity became my virtue.
I do like this game, so I don’t think it’s a waste of time. So when I’ve played Falck Expert for 80 hours, I’ll set my goals and end up with that black and red icon in my profile. More perks: In My Head Cinema, would-be returners for season 1 will think I’m a hopeless case. And dedicated doctors. I hope.

I don’t hold grudges.
Yes, like most gamers, I’m very excited about Battlefield 2042. A game advertised as a AAA shooter by one of the biggest publishers in the world can’t hit the market half a year before it’s finished. This is not how you treat a loyal fan of the 20-year series. Reason or not, this is my firm belief.
But I don’t want to lose myself in cynicism. Above all, I am interested in a suitable battlefield. Don’t forget what happened, and I want to move forward now. And I believe Battlefield 2042 can be the game we promised in the first trailer.
A bit of stubborn resistance was also part of it: I could finally have fun with my tin 120 marbles, which I promised at launch. I won’t let it take me away!
On the other hand, I understand that players have turned their backs on Battlefield 2042 forever because of all the bickering. I support the clear signal that this catastrophic release is unacceptable. But just as a passive spectator because I’m weak, I love the game and will keep playing.
Holding grudges like this is also unhealthy. So for myself, too, I leave my worries behind, look to the future, and play for the damn goals. Plus a handful of people.

The Marvels captain this looks like Iman Vellani with the new Ms Marvel suit on the filming set

The Marvels, the sequel to the film Captain Marvel captain part of the UCM, approaches at the end of its filming. So much so, despite not having an official statement on the part of Marvel Studios or its Director NIA Acosta, there are several components of the team that have announced the end of his collaboration, Putting to understand that production routes its final line. In addition, we have the first image of how it will look ms. Marvel In the film after her debut in her series her own, all thanks to a photograph filtered from the shooting set that shows the appearance of her new suit.

The Marvels movie Leaked set Photos show Ms Marvel's new suit | Captain Marvel 2

new suit for Kamala Khan at The Marvels

Thus, the filming of The Marvels (formerly known captain Captain Marvel 2) began mid-August, with which they would have almost 4 months of work, the average time for this type of productions. And even though it is not known almost about this new movie, we do know that several components of the technical team have already finished their work, to which we must add the announcement of the South Korean actor Park Yeo-jin that already He had finished his participation a few weeks ago.

All without filtering absolutely nothing of a filming that would have taken a place of much of it in interior locations; up to now. And it is that he hcaptain transcended a filtered photograph of Ms. Marvel with the new appearance of her, with a much more colorful and ostentatious suit of what could be seen in the series of origins of her for Disney +.

The film will have three protagonists, such captain Captain Marvel / Carol Dancers, Monica Rama (from scarlet witch and vision) and ms. Marvel / Kamala Khan (from the MS. Marvel series). The Marvels plan to premiere the February 17, 2023.

A canceled Dune game will reach the GBA 20 years later

Thanks to The Retro Room Games, A game of Dune for Game Boy Advance, which was canceled almost two decades ago, will be returning to this console in the future. Frank Herbert’s Dune: Ornithopter Assault was a title that began its development in 2001, but a year later it was canceled because GYRO Interactive, its publisher, began to have financial problems. Now he will return to life, but with several changes.

To begin with, the game will change by name to Eland: The Crystal Wars, this because it no longer has the official license of Dune, in addition to that all references to this franchise will also be removed. Basically, it will cease to be a game of Dune and instead will become a completely new IP.

Currently, The Retro Room Games has already started with his campaign in Kickstarter, and he already exceeded his goal of the $7 thousand 563 dollars they needed to complete the game. At the time of writing it has a total of $9 thousand 165 dollars collected, so the title will have a physical launch at Game Boy Advance, with everything and a manual. In case more money is recorded, your authors promise a version of PC, additional content, documentary and more.

Orlando: The Crystal Wars is a first-person shooting game, which is developed on a desolate planet. The title will have 20 missions in total, and players must complete a wide variety of goals such as destroying enemy bases, protecting other ships and more.

The Bizarre DUNE Game from 2001

And talking about the Game Boy Advance, A hacker recently discovered a method to make this console reproduce PlayStation games. Don’t you believe us? You can see it by yourself in the following link.

Editor’s note: For older who are consoles, it is surprising that there are developers out there with the intentions of not letting them die. We have already seen this type of cases previously, and although this time we are talking about something out of the ordinary, it is also worth noting the work of its author.

9 out of 10 sharks also defy the Grizzly

Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids - S8 Ep 4 - Nerves Of Steel

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Cologne remains in the DEL on the road to success, which the Grizzly’s Wolfsburg could not stop. The team of coach We Krupp had the nose on Thursday 3-1 on the runner on Thursday. It was the fourth victory of the sharks in series, the ninth success in the last ten games. But at first it started anything but good for Cologne, the guests closed after 38 seconds by Jonas Edlund. The answer left only 19 seconds, the home team all over. In the second third, Maurice Edwards (23.) and Quinton Holden (33.) turned the game for the sharks that brought home the threesome. Cologne, as a table in a game, has less only two points behind the fourth placed Wolfsburg.

Screen Deals to Black Friday Gaming Monitors from Top

Black Friday is still ten days away, but with Amazon and Saturn you can already snap some high quality gaming monitors extra-favorable. We inform you about the best screen deals.

At Amazon, Mediamarkt and Saturn you can enjoy in the Black Friday week about first-class offers — Even gaming monitors are now greatly reduced in price — from Curved screens to 4K monitors.

Gaming Monitors: The Best Deals of the Black Friday Week

So that you can enjoy your games in the best quality, of course you also need a suitable gaming monitor. Here you will find the the best screen offers from Samsung, Acer, Asus, MSI and other top manufacturers shortly before the Black Friday:

Gaming monitors on offer at Amazon

Viewpoint VX2718-2KPC-MHD 68.6 CM (27 inch) Curved Gaming Monitor (WHO, Adaptive Sync, 1 MS, 165 Hz, HDMI, DP, Low Input Located, Speaker) Black — PS5 / Xbox Console Ready for 229 Euro instead of 309 euros
BenQ Möbius EX2710S 27 inch HDRI IPS Gaming Monitor, 165 Hz, 1 ms, Free sync Premium, FHD Black for 219 euros instead of 329 euros
MSI Optic Mag251rx Esports Gaming Monitor 24.5 inches (62.2 cm), Full HD (1920×1080), 240Hz, 1ms, IPS, G-Sync, HDR400 for 277 euros instead of 339 euros
LG 27Un83A 68.58 cm (27 inches) UHD 4K Monitor (IPS panel, VESA Display HDR 400, USB-C) for 329 Euro instead of 449 euros
Omen 25i gaming monitor — 25-inch screen, full HD IPS display, HDR 400, 165Hz, AMD Free sync Premium Pro, HDMI 2.0, display port 1.4, audio-out, 1 ms reaction time, ambient RGB for 209 euros instead of 269 euros
MSI Optic G273EN Gaming Monitor 27 inches (69 cm), FHD (1920×1080), 165 Hz, 1ms, Nvidia G-Sync, IPS panel for 235 euros instead of 289 euros
Lenovo Legion Y25-25 62.23 cm (24.5 inches, 1920×1080, Full HD, 240Hz, Review, anti-reflective) Monitor (HDMI, DisplayPort, 1ms Reaction time, AMD Radon Free sync) for 228.75 Euro instead of 399 euros
Predator XB253QGP Gaming Monitor 24.5 inches (62 cm screen) Full HD, 165Hz, Fast LC 2MS (G2G), 2xHDMI 2.0, DP 1.2A, height-adjustable, rotatable, sync compatible, HDMI VAR for 223.99 euros instead of 299 euros
Acer Nitro XV270P Gaming Monitor 27 inches (69 cm Screen) Full HD, 165Hz OC, 144Hz, 2MS (G2G), 2xHDMI 2.0, DP 1.2, height-adjustable, rotatable, HDMI / DP Free sync Premium for 208.99 euros instead of 279 euros

Even more screen offers at Amazon!

Gaming monitors on offer at Saturn and MediaMarkt

ACER PREDATOR XB253QGP 24.5 inch Full-HD Gaming Monitor (2 ms reaction time, 144 Hz) for 211 euros instead of 295.99 euros
Asus Turf Gaming VG279Q1A 27 inch Full-HD Gaming Monitor (1 ms reaction time, 165 Hz) for 249 euros instead of 299.90 Euro
HP omen 25 24.5 inch fulled gaming monitor (1 ms reaction time, 144 Hz) for 169 euros instead of 199.99 euros
Samsung F24G34TFWU 24-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor (1 ms reaction time, 144 Hz) for 179.99 euros instead of 209 euros
LG 27UL550-W UHD 4K IPS Monitor 27 inch UHD 4K UHD Monitor (5 ms) for 255.99 euros instead of 459 euros
LG 27GN600 Ultragear ™ Gaming Monitor 27-inch Full HD Monitor (1 ms reaction time, 60 Hz) for 255.99 euros instead of 299 euros

Do you want more deals? In our review item you will find the best gaming offers in the lead to Black Friday 2021!

What’s so great at Ray Tracing? We explain it to you in the video:

Top 5 Black Friday Gaming Monitor Deals

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At Amazon, Mediamarkt and Saturn you can snatch in front of Black Friday 2021 gaming monitors at reasonable prices. We show you the best deals on screens of Samsung, LG, MSI and Omen.

Game and game water monitoring are adopted for disabled people

Susan (Korean pronunciation: [PU.San], officially understood as Susan Metropolitan City, is South Korea’s second-most populated city after Seoul, with a population of over 3.4 million residents. Previously Romanized as Pusan, it is the economic, social and also instructional facility of southeastern South Korea, with its port– Korea’s busiest as well as the sixth-busiest in the globe. The surrounding Southeast Economic Area (including San and South Gyeongsang) is South Korea’s biggest enterprise zone.
Susan is divided into 15 significant administrative districts as well as a solitary area, with each other housing a population of roughly 3.6 million. The full urbane area, the Southeastern Maritime Industrial Area, has a population of approximately 8 million. The most largely built-up areas of the city are located in a number of slim valleys in between the Along and also the Saying Rivers, with hills separating most of the areas. The Along is Korea’s lengthiest river as well as Susan’s Handle Coastline is likewise the country’s biggest.
Susan is a facility for worldwide conventions, hosting APEC in 2005. It is likewise a center for sporting activities competitions in Korea, having actually hosted the 2002 Asian Games as well as FIFA World Cup. It is residence to the globe’s largest chain store, the Shingle Centum City. Susan was contributed to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a City of Film in December 2014.

[Eye News 24 Moon Byung-soo Reporter] Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol) is a Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Korea, I announced a business agreement with a business agreement.

Smart Homes Are Game Changer for People With Disabilities | NBC News

The Convention is a re-agreement to continue to secure the proportions of the monitoring of the currently operated monitoring of the currently active monitoring and support for game monitoring, according to the expiration of the period in which the period has been established in 2018.

The main contents of the main content ▲ Human / physical resources for the adoption of disabled monitoring agents ▲ Implementation of the vocational ability to recruiting monitoring agents ▲ Proceeding to the adaptation of the recruitment of monitoring agents, etc. It is.

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Kim Gyu-cheol’s game chairman said, If you are a person who is familiar with your smartphone device operation, you can see that you can do it without any difference with disabilities, non-disabled, said,

The game is a home management monitoring team for post-management of the game that is classified by its own classification in Google, Apple and Apple, from 2015. Since the end of March this year, 30 people with 30 disabled people and 200 monitoring ends will have a relaxation ceremony in early December.

Dynamo Dresden fears competitive disadvantage

War Pigs is a tune versus the battle videotaped by the British band of Heavy Steel, Black Sabbath of her 1970 CD, Paranoid.
As discussed in the band’s notes in the online meeting CD, the initial title of the track was Calpurnia. The title, the lyrics of the song, as well as the subject were subsequently modified throughout the recording of Paranoid. An initial variation, with its initial theme, can be found in the compilation of Ozzy Osbourne called The Oman Comet.
It is the topic opening of the Album Paranoid, which is the best-selling CD of Black Sabbath. It can additionally be found on each real-time album and collection of the band (except in Cross Purposes Live), together with Paranoid as well as Iron Guy.
The Outro of Battle Pigs has its very own name: Luke’s Wall, and has an extra melodious tone than the rest of the track, with terrific usage of the wind setting a setting used on the diatonic scale (minor natural). It ought to also be kept in mind, that the guitar and bass are in my huge part of the tune (although online they usually touch it a halftone below).
Although at first the name War Pigs was predestined to be the name of the CD, it was transformed to Paranoid since the record firm of Black Sabbath feared a reaction from the fans of the Vietnam Battle.

The responsible persons of the football second division SG Dynamo Dresden are disappointed with the tightened corona regulations in the state of Saxony. These also see a viewer exclusion in football matches.

1. FC Union Berlin 2:2 SG Dynamo Dresden 15.08.2016 | Choreo, Pyro & Support

The decisions, so necessary they are in the face of the resulting situation, bring organizers as the SG Dynamo Dresden again non-responsible economic and atmospheric difficulties, said the commercial managing director Jürgen Zealand in a club announcement. We make football for people — it’s tiring that neither functioning nor tightening hygiene concepts in the Rudolf-Harbig Stadium can not find any application at all.

Both the club from the Saxon state capital and Ligaconkinrent Erzgebirge AUE and first division RB Leipzig must play without viewers for the time being. responsible personss chef Ralf Becker criticizes the both responsible personsy and atmospheric and economically competitive disadvantage compared to the competition from the other federal states. Our team has experienced a great support of the fans at every stage of the season and under any prevailing G-rule ‘, the 51-year-old is quoted.

For the last home game last Sunday against Fortuna Düsseldorf, despite the possible 16,000 spectators, only 8912 had come to the stadium. Dynamos organized fans scene had boycotted the 2G regulation applicable until then.

Does the FC Barcelona attract Dani Olmo wants to leave RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig apparently threatens the departure of another star: Dani Elmo is aimed at a change at the latest in the coming summer. A return to the FC Barcelona is becoming more and more likely.

‼️???? Barcelona Are Ready To SPEND €70 MILLION On RB Leipzig’s Player ‘DANI OLMO’

For weeks and months, Dani Elmo is associated with RB Leipzig with FC Barcelona. No wonder, the development of the Spanish midfielder, who left Barça 2014 and landed over the detour Dynamo Zagreb at RB, but impressive.

Already last summer, the Catalans hunting on Elmo. Despite the financial difficulties of the 26-color Spanish master, an offer in the amount of 58 million euros in Leipzig should be received, later Munro Deporting revealed.

But RB stops hard and did not let Elmo pull. Nevertheless, the rumors were stubborn, even in winter, Barça could start the next start at the 23-year-old.

Dani Elmo wants to leave RB Leipzig probably

If one believes Leipzigs picture, the chances of Barcelona’s in advertising around Elmo have increased significantly in recent weeks. The new Barça head coach Xavi is the explained model of the still-Leipziger. The club legend swarmed before his takeover of Elmo as a footballer at the highest level, which could currently play for every European association.

According to Spanish media reports, Almost name is on Davis Transfer Wishlist, which should have been a prerequisite for his return to the old facility.

At the 18-time Spanish international, the flattering of the home has apparently already showed a sustainable effect. According to Leipzig Image, Elmo is now determined to leave RB Leipzig at the latest in the coming summer. Even his until 2024 contract can not dissuade him from this project, it says.

FC Barcelona: 80-million euro package for Dani Elmo?

Meanwhile, the Barça officers should have set up a plan to realize a ELMO transfer.

Supposedly, it is considered to initiate him only for a comparatively high sum of ten million euros and then commit it by obligation for another 70 million euros. However, 20 percent of the transfer will continue to flow to Zagreb.

First, Elmo is about to come back to the legs. He is currently falling out for the second time this season because of a muscle phase and will probably deny no game this year.

The best DM7 Battlefield 2042

The large open areas of many Battlefield 2042 cards make the game perfect for long-distance gaps and snipers. Currently, there is only a handful of sniper rifles, including the DM7.

The DM7 is one of the first weapons that you can access when starting up the game, and although it fades in comparison to the best SVK Battlefield 2042 PC player 24, it can be transformed into a beast with some time and effort. As with most of the best Battlefield 2042 guns, the essays are the best at the end of arms controls the best — and that is certainly valid for the Best DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24.

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But what does the best DM7 build turn off, and how do you set it up? Continue reading to get our recommendations on the best attachments, devices and specialists who want to use for this sniper rifle.

Best DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24

Fusion Hold
Extended Run
BCG handle

The DM7 is an incredibly versatile sniper rifle. It can be set up for just about any distance, but since it does incredibly much damage at medium distance at the moment, we have aligned our equipment. If you follow this build, we recommend that you have some long-distance hangers in your plus menu so that you can get the most out of both worlds.

For the sight we decided to the Fusion Hold as the standard, but we have the Bravo 3x in our plus menu in the event that you need to take it from afar from the distance.

As far as the ammunition is concerned, melee should be your standard magazine as it is delivered with 20 laps. The high power magazine should appear as secondary in your plus menu as it increases the effective range of the weapon.

In the running department, the Extended Barrel is a must — this increases your story speed and allows you to make enemies from greater distance. If you are forced to use your 3x, this is perfect here. Otherwise, the AR COM TACTICAL Muzzle Brake would be our choice.

Finally, the BCG handle is our choice for the underflow, as it stabilizes your weapon while shooting in motion. This is especially useful because the weapon kills enemies at the moment about three or four shots — and we can guarantee that some of them are not taken while they rest.

Best DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC player 24-gadget

With this PC player 24 your destination must be brought to the point. If you sniff here or there a shot, you will find more frequently in the redrawn menu. So that you can survive longer on the battlefield, we recommend that you select the armored plates as your gadget for the DM7 build.

Best DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24 Specialist

If you have played the game now, you undoubtedly know that you can choose one of the Battlefield 2042 specialists and to get it up. For the DM7, however, we recommend playing some selected agents. These are: Sun dance, Casper and Irish.

Sun dances Wing suit allows you to get behind the enemy lines, Casper’s motion sensor gives you an indication of approaching enemies and Irish’s Fortification Systems protects you from opposing fire.

So this is our complete DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC player 24. Hopefully this build will help you kill online and win online many bands.

PSG sends Draxler to the rehab to Qatar

PSG Travel Habits with Messi, Ramos, Gueye, Navas, Draxler and Herrera | Qatar Airways

Paris Saint-Germain sends Julian Dealer to the treatment of his thigh injury to Qatar. The ex-Schalke should deny its rehab under the best conditions. Dealer had recently suffered a muscle injury on the right thigh when training the national team. National coach Hans Flick had already prophesied that the midfielder will fail for some time. The 28-year-old is treated in Qatar in the Appear clinic. The decor is part of the state-of-the-art Aspire Zone.

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