To commemorate the upcoming release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a brand-new event has been released in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
It will happen from March 11 to April 1 and also aims to offer Pocket Campers a summary of what it will certainly be to experience on an island in New Horizons.
The occasion will certainly include numerous connection bonuses, fishing like islands, and you can visit an odd island setting.
Gamers will certainly additionally receive 20 Fallen leave tickets and can even obtain a Tom Nook style jersey.
Pet Crossing: Pocket Camp is a totally free ready iOS as well as Android which concentrates on just how you connect with other characters as well as the world around you.
You have to keep your campsite, enhance it, engage with various other campers as well as carry out tasks to ensure that NPCs get incentives.
You can likewise make use of resources to make furniture for your camp, and even brand-new areas.


Furthermore, you can even affect people that reside in different campgrounds by enhancing them in a way that will certainly attract specific characters.
Pet Crossing: New Horizons will be released on Nintendo Switch over on March 20 as well as will be the first game in the collection released on the portable hybrid/ Nintendo console.
The game will certainly be based upon a desert island that you can alter as you desire.
You can construct a house, enhance it as well as also shape the surrounding landscape.

The game will certainly offer altering seasons, a picture setting and also lots of NPCs with which engage.