It is quite clear that Game Pass is a platform that can be considered as ephemeral, this regarding the content inside and that does not belong properly to Microsoft.
For that same reason, some external companies are withdrawn from the platform, since the agreements and contracts have their end, and of course, they are not renewed.
During this month some important titles will cease to be available for users, the one that most attracts attention is Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, which has been for a good time in membership.
There are also others that players can miss, including indie productions such as Goat Simulator and Undertake.
Here is the complete list:
-F1 2020
-Goat Simulator
-Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition
-Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy
-Paradise Killer
-Young Souls
-Zero Escape: The Notary Games
As for the date for the games to leave the service, it will be on March 15 when they can no longer be played.

Thus being replaced by other titles that are going to be adding within the coming weeks.


Clear examples of new incorporation are atomic heart and to long: Fallen Dynasty within a couple of days.
Via: Firebox
Editor’s note: It is sad for the issue that a game as important as Guardians of the Galaxy leave.