Banzai NAMC Europe announces a repair of the Ultimate Ninja Storm collection with Naruto X Boru to Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections.

The repair will certainly be launched in 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and also computer and additionally celebrates the 20th anniversary of Naruto.
Naruto X Boru to Ultimate Ninja Storm Links includes the largest personality squad of all Naruto video clip games so far, consisting of brand-new fighters such as Ahura and also Indra Otsutsuki.
Along with the game graphic, which is based on the design of the anime, the title supports approximately 60 fps on playstation 5, Xbox Series X | s and PC.


The story mode includes picked scenes from the history of Naruto, with the focus on the deep connection in between Naruto and Leisure.
In addition, the video game deals with a totally brand-new tale.