In these next days Sony continues to be renewed technologically, that is due to the arrival of PSVR2, virtual reality device that is betting on being much more important compared to PS4.
And while there are already many accessories for the console, it seems that more things are not yet finished, and a new report gives us some novelties.
As commented by Insider Gaming, there are already new PlayStation 5 headphones in development, which, like the 3D pressing, will be controlled in a wireless form.
They would be ready to launch in the following fiscal year of the company that began in April 2023 and ends in March 2024.
These bear the key name of Project Nomad, with an approximate duration of the 5-hour battery.
As we have become accustomed to headphones, Nomad will come with a load case that can be connected via USB-C cable to PlayStation 5. In addition, the same connection method will be used for the 3D press with everything and updates.
There is also talk of new headsets for PlayStation 5, they would bear the name of Voyager, and intend to launch them at a time similar to Nomad.


For now, price issues have not been announced.
If the Slim model of the console is announced, it is likely that the accessories will be shown within this same revelation.

Via: Insider Gaming
Editor’s note: For now it would be better to learn more about the PlayStation line, because this year there could be a lack of exclusives, the only thing that is known so far is Spider-Man 2.