The long-standing partnership between EA and the World Football Association ends with FIFA 23.
The publisher wants to continue to comply with the most significant names in the industry and has the collaboration with the Premier League cost a complete amount.
After a thirty-year and extremely effective cooperation, EA and FIFA will go separate courses in the future.
The successor to FIFA 23 will be called EA Sports FC.
Despite the change of name, the publisher does not wish to provide up its top position in the football business and, of course, according to a report, is to complete a handle the Premier League, which is said to be worth ₤ 488 million-this is over 550 million euros.

according to FIFA 23: EA desires to keep exclusive rights to Premier League

According to information from Sky Sport, EA continues to work carefully with the English Premier League and does this opportunity cost a lot.
The millions of offer are planned to seal EAS position as the prominent sponsor of the league and at the very same time secure the special video track license for the next six years.
(Source: Sky sports).
Take an appearance at the Deep Dive trailer for FUT in FIFA 23 here:.
FIFA 23: FIFA Ultimate Group Deep Dive Trailer.
Appropriately, the Premier League would get over 80 million British pounds from EA a year.
Hence, the sum for the cooperation in between the two parties would be more than doubled.

According to Sky, the 20 teams of the Premier League were notified about the upcoming offer.
FIFA 23 (PS5).
EUR 52.99 for Amazon.
The price might be greater now.
Cost from 13.02.2023 9:20 a.m.

EA Sports FC: Premier League as a draft horse results in meaning.

The mega deal between EA and Premier League is easy to comprehend.
After all, the English league can refer to the largest international audience compared to La Liga, the Bundesliga and Serie A and is therefore a central component for EA’s approaching football simulation.
(Source: daily mail).
However, the Premier League is not the only iron that EA has in the fire.


In 2022, the publisher has actually currently finished a sponsorship handle the Spanish La Ligated Sports can cost this cooperation between 30 and 40 million euros every year.
(Source: Sky sports).
It is to be hoped that football fans will gain from the separation of EA and FIFA:.
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