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Update [Mon 13th Feb, 2023 10:30 GMT]: If you have to believe in Platoon 3, then white chocolate is the best chocolate.
That’s right, the White Chocolate team won the last Splat fest, and it was also an absolute victory.
White Chocolate was ahead in the part-time report and won in all categories, which means that Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate did not get any point.


Congratulations to the Big Man team, then!
Update [FRI 10th Feb, 2023 14:00 GMT]: Here we go!
Splat fest with Platoon 3 chocolate theme is almost here.
It is a quite simple question this time, but that has the personnel of NL fiercely divided: What is your favorite chocolate?
As always, let us know what his voting on the survey below, you can also get more details about Splat fests of our guide.
Splat fest hours depending on your region, here is a small useful list for you:
Europe: February 11 (12 BC.
North America / Australia / New Zealand: February 10:4 p. M. PST) / February 11 (11 BC
Japan-February 11:9 a. M. JST) as of February 13:9 a. M. JST)
Keep reading for more information about the next Splat fest, as well as our survey.
Original article [Thu 26th Jan, 2023 11:00 GMT]: Well friends, the next Splat fest of Platoon 3 is ready, and it seems that it will be another tasty.
After asking us to choose between flavor sensations the last time, the next competition will become much more personal, since we will have to choose a side in a much bigger debate: What is your favorite chocolate?
Shared through @nintendoeuropaeste theme will give us the options of Team Dark Chocolate, Team Milk Chocolate and Team White Chocolate, with the three features fighting for the sweet supremacy in Turf War Battles from February 11 to 13.
The next #Splatoon3 Splat fest is going to be a real pleasure!
Enjoy it with your choice choice (dark, milk or white) in a delicious confrontation, which will take place from 11/02 to 13/02!
-Nintendo de Europa (@nintendoeurope) January 26, 2023,
With the last thematic flavor battle ending earlier this month, it feels like a quite fast change for Platoon festivities.
Could we be looking for a more consistent monthly structure for our Splat fests?
We certainly expect it!
While Nintendo has not yet officially shared the voting times, the @splatoonjp account seems to suggest that the polls will open on February 3 (about a week before the start date).
The Tweet also establishes that we can obtain Splat fest Conch Shells for each catalog level that we reach after the vote, which will surely be a small pleasant addition when it comes to the final results.
This means that we have a little more than a week to think about which team we will vote this time, and admit it, it is a big one!
The team here in Nintendo Life Towers is divided into equal parts between the three options at this time, so why not give your opinion?
You can complete the following survey to inform us why you are voting, and be sure to be attentive to our Splat fests platoon guide to know all the updates as we listen to them.

What team will your vote get at the next Splat fest?

(3,640 votes)
Dark chocolate equipment34%milk chocolate team46%white chocolate equipment20%
Do you have your vote?
Tell us who you think will win this time in the comments!
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