In 2 weeks, the very first end customers PlayStation VR2 can put on the head and beat through the virtual worlds.
Before that, Sony as soon as again makes sure a presentation of the features with a localized trailer and shows scenes from suitable video games.
The video, which was released on the roof account of PlayStation in the afternoon, is ingrained listed below these lines.


The 4K displays of PlayStation VR2 are amongst the brand-new VR2.
At the same time, Tempest 3D audio innovation must contribute an appropriate sound.
There are also haptic feedback, a field of vision of 110 degrees as well as the adaptive trigger and the touch detection of the brand-new scythe controller.

forested rendering, inside-out tracking and more

Eye tracking consisting of Forested Rendering could provide a video game chat.
With this feature it is possible to only provide the areas of the highest possible quality that the player takes a look at.
This secures the computing power and can lead to a general much better result.
The headset feedback and the inside-out tracking with integrated cameras, which also offer a passage view, consist of the further equipment of PlayStation VR2.
We show you what PlayStation VR2 appears like in the jam-packed variation in a Facebook post on the main account of.

Even to receive, players can get the virtual reality headset around February 22, 2023. You can discover a list of suitable games in this message.
In addition to Horizon Call of the Mountain, the VR version of Gran Tourism 7 is amongst the launch highlights.
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PlayStation VR2 is not beneficial.
The entry price is 599.99 euros.
If you spend 50 euros more, you will get a bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain.
Orders are still possible on PlayStation Direct.
It should be noted that a PS5 is imperative for using PSVR2, which costs between 450 and 550 euros.
Below is the video for the functions of PlayStation VR2, which many PS5 owners need to already know inside out:
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