The HBO series adaptation to The Last of Us celebrates success after the next.
The movie adaptation of the very first video game is so well received that a second season has already been confirmed.
This should then commit itself to the occasions from the 2nd part and therefore likewise the relationship between Ellie and Dina.
Bella Ramsey (Ellie) is currently looking forward to it.

Bella Ramsey is already delighted about Dina and Ellie in the Last of United States Part 2

That’s what it’s all about: The HBO series The Last of the United States films the plot from The Last of United States Part 1. A 2nd season comes safely in the first season and after that revolves around the story of Thou 2. Accordingly, the lesbian relationship in between
Ellie and Dina.
Bella Ramsey was a guest at Happy, Unfortunate, Confused Podcast and talked about the series there.

It was also about the future and the movie adaptation of part 2 of the game.
There is a unique aspect that the series star finds especially interesting:
To be truthful, I’m really extremely fired up about the Ellie Dina story. I saw a compilation of it, I do not understand how to do it, however someone has an extraordinary edit just from the gameplay of the romance of Ellie and Dina
Produced. I’m truly anticipating playing that out.
The fact that Ellie is lesbian really understand all fans at the most current since the DLC Left Behind for the very first The Last of Us.
In it, Ellie kisses her friend Riley, who is not averse to the kiss.
A couple of years later on in The Last of Us Part 2, the older Ellie then leads a longer, romantic relationship with Dina.
This plays an important function in the action of the game and must therefore not be missing out on in the film adjustment.
Here you can see the most recent teaser for the upcoming The Last of US episode:
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When does season 2 come?
That’s not chosen.
But it must probably take a while.
Now the very first season is running and if the second actually movies the sequel, Ellie would theoretically be much older.
We see whether they will take a specific time here or the series solves the time dive differently.
What do you hope the most when shooting the second part?
What else do you anticipate from season 1?