Splat on 3 Expansion Pass was eagerly awaited by fans of the shooter with coloring, in which you and all your friends are squid.


The extension brings two new waves of DLC, representing a new but familiar area known as Annapolis, as well as a history based on Marina, a member of the Off the Hook of Platoon 2.

What is Annapolis in Platoon 3 Expansion Pass

Initially available for playing in the first game Platoon, players will return to Annapolis.
Here you can enjoy several new types of weapons and equipment from different stores belonging to familiar characters.
These items will be the same as those that are available in Pottsville, which makes the choice of the place of purchase with your own.
Fans of Squid Sisters can also enjoy their performances during the Splat Fest festivals in Annapolis!

Will Salmon Run and Table Turf Bats work in Annapolis the same way?

Things such as Salmon Run, Table Turf Battles, Shoal and the use of Amino will work in Annapolis in the same way as in Pottsville.

What is Side Order in Platoon 3 Expansion Pass

Side Oder is the second wave of DLC from Platoon 3 Expansion Pass.
A little was explained, but on the original frames, Marina from Platoon 2 is depicted with a much shorter haircut.
It is unclear whether this haircut is intended to show Marina in the past or present, but only time will tell until we get more information.
In the meantime, you can see the extension check trailer for Platoon 3 below.

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