In Hogwarts Legacy, players can cook a number of potions, which are part of the Hogwarts school curriculum.
Potions are one of the resources that can be collected or bought for galleons in the Hogwarts Heritage.
Here’s how you can prepare a concentration potion in Hogwarts Legacy.

where to get a concentration potion at Hogwarts Legacy

Potions not only have healing properties, but can also give certain temporary abilities with proper preparation.
Players can buy a concentration potion in the Delius store J. Pippin in Hogs mid for 1200 galleons or buy a recipe for 500 galleons.


This potion reduces the restoration time of the drinking spell.
Three ingredients that are required are the three golden-winged MuhaoDodin stalk of flush one dag bog tongue.
Exploring the world, players can find gold-eyed in luminous bushes.

The Flux wood trunk can be bought from The Magic Keep in Hogs mid for 150 galleons.
To get the last item, the players will have to go to the swamps in the area of the swamps of the South Sea, where the Magog enemies dump Dag bog’s language.
Players can also buy gold-eyed and Dag bog’s language for 100 galleons apiece in the potion store J. Pippin.
As soon as all the ingredients are collected, players can prepare this potion, which will take about one minute.
Players will need to cook the concentration potion to complete the first task of Professor Sharp.
It is not difficult to cook potions if the players have the necessary ingredients and a recipe.
Players will be able to make various potions as soon as they unlock the main plot quest.
After the players visit Professor Sharp, the first lesson of potions, they will open the opportunity to create their own potions.
The first potion that the players will prepare is the potions of Wiggenveld and Edgers, using potions, which will be represented by a professor in the classroom.
As soon as this ends, players can use the requirements room, a class of potions to cook their own potions.
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