At the level, the Game Dev Day (Game Dev Day), hosted by Microsoft, will be talking about gaming server for indie developers and startups.

This game Dev Day will be broadcast live at the MS Korea office and live, live on the community’s online YouTube channel.
The presenter of this event will be attended by ▲ Song Yong-sung, CEO of Soon-Soon Studio, Representative Operator, MS Azure Channel Sales Manager Choir Younger, and Park Byung-soo Wide Brain CTO.

Game Dev Day is available to anyone through YouTube channels.


In this event, three topics will be addressed: Gaming Baas, Azure Playful, and [email protected] Program, and mainly talks about gaming server services that can help Indie developers and startups.

Choir Younger, Microsoft Manager, introduces the [email protected] program, a Microsoft’s support program for Indie Studio and Startup Game developers, and various services of Microsoft.
Subsequently, CEO Yong-Sung Song will take a look at the reasons and advantages and disadvantages of choosing Azure Playful, a gaming server solution for small game developers.
Park Byung-soo, CTO, will deliver various reviews and know-how with a customer who uses Playful.

Song Yong-sung, the host of the event, said, With the development of various solutions, small or individual developers of indie-sized, unlike the past, are also challenging server-based game operations and multiplayer games.
It is helping, but at the same time, it is suffering from a lot of difficulties because it does not secure proper information or does not receive the right developer support. The chance as this seminar and support for Microsoft’s indie developers will help to build a better development culture.

I want to be prepared for this seminar with the hope.
It was revealed.

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