Despite having more than five years in the market, it seems that the controversy of the Joy-Con Drift is something that will never abandon the switch.
Although in the past we have already seen this case reach the Court, once again a group has indicated the reason why the controls of this console fail so much.
According to Euro gamer, a report by Which states that, even after a few months of use, the Joy-Con plastic circuit plates show significant wear at the control points of the control.
As a consequence, this makes Joy-with deviate, or move on its own.


In response, Nintendo mentioned that this problem is not so frequent, and pointed out that the survey only represents a small amount of affected controls, and have improved the design several times since the launch.

The percentage of Joy-with controllers who have experienced problems with the analog joystick in the past is small, and we have been making continuous improvements in the Joy-with analog joystick since its launch in 2017.

We hope that all our hardware works as designed and, if something does not achieve this objective, we always encourage consumers to communicate with Nintendo’s customer service, which will be happy to solve openly and indulgence any problem of the problem of the problem of the problem of the problem of any problem in the problem of
Consumer related to analog Joy-Con controllers, even in cases where the guarantee no longer applies.
The Which report also criticizes Nintendo’s returns and reimbursement policy in relation to the problems of the Joy-Con.

Here it is mentioned that the company should provide a refund or compensation plan for anyone who can demonstrate that he bought a replacement joy-with Switch launch in 2017.
In related issues, Joy-with that works with one hand have been created.
Similarly, children could sue for the drifting of the controls.
Editor’s note:
While the two pairs of Joy-with that I bought for the original model do have drifting, OLED controls do not have any problem at all.
However, I have noticed that my pro controller is already beginning to present symptoms of this problem.