Snow Pipe (CEO Kim Jong-il) announced on Friday that it has signed a global publishing contract with Game Pub (CEO Sundae CHO) with a subculture collectible RPG Hwa-ryeong (tentative name).

Snow Pipe, which is developing Hwaseyeongsolhwa (tentative name), has been established in 2014 and has launched Fig King Toni M and Transformers Alliance, which utilizes famous IPs, and is accelerating strategic SLG Looters-SURVIVORS BATTLE.

Hwa-ryeong-seolhwa (tentative name) is a collectible RPG that depicts the real stories of heroes, mythology, and fairy tales.
The main feature is to collect a variety of paintings to raise levels, and get a sense of accomplishment through party raids and PVP battles.
In addition, you can enjoy existing familiar tales with adaptation, providing players with different fun.

Meanwhile, Game Pub, which was established in 2015, introduced the fleet combat strategy simulation battleship empire, and introduced Final Three Kingdoms 2 and Mir’s legendary 2 reboots, and in 2021, with the success of My Little Forest, 2022
Global launch, in July, Fairy Tail: The greatest journey was the No. 1 market.

Kim Jong-il, CEO of Snow Pipe Co., Ltd., said, We are looking forward to the future because we can collaborate with Game Pub with Game Pub Co., Ltd. through global purple contracts.
I will try to work, so I would like to ask for a lot of interest and support.

Hwa-ryeong-seolhwa (tentative name) plans to launch it in the global market in the second half of 2023 through this agreement.