Fairy tales have served as a way to scare children into behaving since the beginning of time. But what happens when the monsters aren’t monsters and the heroes are kids? That’s where the Kits Kumodameshi event comes in and shows us that fairy tales can still be scary while being family-friendly at the same time.

Throughout the test of courage as part of Genshin-Effect, version 3.3 of the Kits Kumodameshi occasion, gamers have the task of discovering a few bottles of Mango milk together with their chosen partner who are hidden in the China forest.
Where precisely can you find the products?
To assist you make it through the new occasion as soon as possible, here you will discover the Mango milk throughout the test of courage.

Gen shin Effect Test of Guts: Where can I discover the Mango milk?

The Mango milk is not tough for everyone who desires to experience the occasion as quickly as possible, as you can discover the objects by first going down the significant path that either an exclusive dialogue either with Kamikaze Ayala, Keisha
Or good.
As quickly as the interaction is complete, all you have to do is go along the course up until you pass the last wood structure, and then go and make an U-turn to the course with some Fox statues and a staircase to your.
In the middle of the stars, Into will try to frighten you, so take it as an indication that you are on the ideal track.
As soon as you have walked through the 4 statues, just continue to the area specified by the indications to discover the Mango milk and to finish the very first part of the test of guts.

As you can see in the photo listed below, The Mango Milk is located northeast of the area of the area.
Now that you know where you will discover the object, we highly recommend that you concentrate on checking out the area a bit more instead of going straight to the Mango Milk since there are numerous interactive minutes.
Gen shin result is presently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile gadgets.


  • This post was upgraded on December 17, 2022