Every year EA Sports selects eleven players from their football game and puts them in a card which is available for the purchasers of packs to buy. These cards are highly sought after by gamers who want to play with the best players, but not everybody has that chance. There are many ways you can increase your odds of having one of these cards drop in your pack – find out what they are here!

With the World Cup content winding down in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team gamers are beginning to look ahead towards the upcoming promos in the FUT calendar.

Of course, the main tourist attraction on the horizon is the fiercely prepared for FIFA Team of the Year (TONY) promo!

Twelve of the best items we will see in the totality of the game cycle will be offered, resulting in an absolute pack-opening craze!

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So, learn how fortunate you will require to be to pack a Group of the Year card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group and how to increase your chances listed below.


What are the opportunities of loading a TONY?

Judging from the FIFA 22 possibilities, every pack that can be purchased via the Shop, consisting of Ultimate Packs (which cost around ₤ 17/ EUR21 per pack) are listed with less than a 1% opportunity of holding a TONY item.

There are packs with a greater probability of consisting of a Group of the Year card, however, these can not be purchased in the FUT Store.

The chances of packing a Team of the Year card are the most affordable of practically any items launched during the Ultimate Group calendar.

How to increase your odds of loading a TONY

Saving your guaranteed 20x 84+ Unusual Gold Players Load from the World Cup Swaps program, for instance, and opening it once the TONY remains in packs will give you an increased possibility.

EA will likely restore league upgrade SBS too. These SBS permit gamers to submit low-chemistry squads of Non-Rare and Rare Gold cards in exchange for a pack that guarantees Unusual Gold cards from a specific league.

A Winter Wildcard Swaps program is on its way into Ultimate Team soon if you’ve currently spent your World Cup Swaps Tokens then do not stress.

We are also yet to see EA introduce an Icon Swaps program in FUT 23, so this will no doubt be going into the game within the next couple of months.

There’s no genuine way of increasing your chances of packing a TONY aside from opening the packs which provides you the best possible opportunity to do so.