Officially the World Cup in Qatar will be finishing this week, a roller coaster of emotions that is emerging so that Argentina is placed as the world champion.
For that same reason, EA Sports has decided to light the flame to finish the year, so users can play FIFA 23 for free of charge.
Of course, there is an important detail to consider, since the only ones who can give their respective tested to the game are PC users, specifically those who have the Steam application installed.
To this is added that at this time the game has an interesting discount, approximately 60% in its two editions.
As already mentioned, the use of sports video game has a time limit, so users have until December 19 to be able to squeeze the player’s profile as much as possible.
It is worth commenting, that there is the possibility of transferring the Save data for those who want to buy the final version after the free period.
In news related to free games, Ubisoft recently confirmed that they would be putting free Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, only there are some aspects to consider.
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Via: Steam
Editor’s note: It seems that the end of the year is a time to regulate, because it is like the third company that offers its free games, well, perhaps not free, but a test that gives time to play many days to the full title.