Blackmail is very exploratory, so having a fast travel mechanic is very important.
However, performing the fast trip is not so obvious at first.
Here is exactly how to travel quickly in Blackmail.

Blackmail fast travel guide

In total, Blackmail are three large areas with a single connection point between them.
Apart from that, the areas do not cross any other way.
To travel fast, you will have to interact with the black cat that is near some sanctuaries.
Image source: The Para sight through
Fast trips are really limited.
You can only use the cat to travel to and from the cabin.
While this facilitates the functioning of the cabin and the creation of the skills it may need, it cannot travel to a completely different part of the map instantly.
However, you can basically save a travel point as long as you don’t use the cat again.
This means that once you are in the cabin, you can find a different map to get something you need, then run to the cabin and use the cat, and you will be where you started.
There is only one cat in the game, so it can only be in one place at the same time.
Whenever consult your map, the closest black cat will be shown to your current position.
Image source: The Para sight through
That is all you need to know when it comes to traveling fast in Blackmail.


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