It’s the time of the year again: the cold is coming, and you have to ensure that your team is in good condition. The winter break is coming soon, so it’s time for planning.

The professionals and the training team are already in the winter break, last Friday the last training session was finished in the shadow of the Prussian stadium.


Shortly prior to Christmas, the office, which will go into the company vacations from December 23 to January 9th.
During this time, no orders will be processed in the online store.
This is how it opts for the professionals
On January 4, the eagle providers go back to the training school to get ready for the staying 15 league video games in the new year.
There are three test games-all against North Regional League.
The test game at the U23 of Hanover 96 had actually to be canceled. With the leader of the Regionally Word, CFB Lübeck, an attractive replacement was currently found.
The game will be used January 28:2 p.m.) in the Lohmühle arena.
The dates for Blau-Weiß Lone (January 14th) and SSV Weddell II (21.1.) Remain unchanged.
The competitive video game begins with the home video game versus Alemannic Aachen on February 5.
Fan shop & Christmas
The fan and ticket store on Fiffi-Gerritzen-Weg 1 depends on and including 23.12.
(6 p.m.) Open and then goes up to and including 9.1.
In the business holidays.
The shop in the Münster Arcade is even open until Christmas Eve (1 p.m.), as is on all regular sales days between the vacations and in the brand-new year.
Unique regulations and due dates likewise apply to the online store.
For products that after December 18th.
(11:59 p.m.) Ordered online, we can not make sure timely shipping for Christmas.
Product that until December 21.
Bought online can be ordered by December 23.
Can just be detected the Fiffi-Gerritzen-Weg 1.
Between 21.12 and 9.1.
Online orders can not be processed due to the company vacations.
Company vacations of the office
The employees of the office can still be reached until December 16 at regular opening hours, in the week of December 19.
Until 23.12.
The office stays closed for public traffic.
The phones are also not inhabited during this time.
For individual and telephone queries, the workplace will be once again from 9.1.

the appointments in the overview

Workplace for public traffic closed
Company vacations and fan shop at the stadium
Blau-Weiß Lone (A) (14:00).
Annual General Meeting-Stadthalle Hiatus (11:00 a.m.).
SSV Weddell II (A) (14:00).
CFB Lübeck (A) (14:00).

Match day 19, Alemannic Aachen (H) (14:00).
Changes to winter schedule are possible at any time.