It’s been a long wait for the release of Balder’s Gate 3, but the game is finally in the home stretch, and it won’t be much longer before we can get our hands on it.

– DE at 20 Baldurs Gate 3 deals with.
Do in extra-large metal inscribed customized, inspired by the style of the digital dice of Balder’s Gate 3 and made from zinc alloy.

– A collector’s editing certificate.
A certificate of authenticity with the special serial number of your collector’s edition.
Unilateral printing, selective varnish, hot gilding and blind embossing.

– Booster Magic Loads: The Event.


Three Magic Booster Packs: The Gathering including the legends of Leader Legends: The Fight of the Port de Baldur, with characters from Balder’s Gate 3 (limited to the very first 15,000 collector-sold editions).

– Stickers.
32 pre-cut vinyl sticker labels influenced by Balder’s Gate 3. Includes lovable characters with tailored illustrations and the logos of the warriors of Marian Studios.

– A tadpole keychain
Metal keychain in the shape of a tadpole, made from a zinc alloy.

It was not up until the Video game Awards 2022 that Marian Studios finally deigns to expose to us the release date of Balder’s Gate 3, now anticipated for the month of August 2023. After a number of years of early gain access to, the designers are finally confident regarding
Let your RPG spin in nature.
But prior to that, the title will continue to reveal itself through other updates and multiple trailers to keep the neighborhood aware of the development of things.
The brand-new trailer confirms that visually, the video game is constantly so hot, with well recognized characters and a universe that appears to improve more.
The stakes will be size and effective enemies, which will establish a particular environment in the adventure.
History that the release of Balder’s Gate 3 makes sound, Marian Studios has actually chosen to market a collector’s edition (limited to 25,000 copies and offered EUR 259.99) full of goodies in all directions.
Otherwise, understand that our game sneak peek stays available at this address.

– The character sheets
A set of 4-page D&D character sheets for each original Balder’s Gate 3 character.

The Balder’s Gate 3 collectors edition consists of:
– A diorama featuring a fight in between a psychological Flagler and a Draw
Diorama of 1.1 kg and 25 cm high representing a psychological Flagler and a Draw providing a fatal exchange with blade and conical power.
This collector’s edition statue is made from high quality PVC/ABS and has a thoroughly painted and hand-finished round base, representing the underground kingdom of Outland.

– A art book connected
Discover the art and styles of Balder’s Gate 3 in this connected art book, written by Marian.
It includes roughly 160 pages of concept art and environmental style influenced by forgotten kingdoms.

The interior pages are printed on satin paper with gold leaf edges, and the cover is made of anti-scratch laminated polypropylene.

– A fabric card
When crossing swamps, an A3 Fern Format card in satin for easy implementation.