To launch the brand-new WoW growth Dragon Flight, Blizzard drew out some marketing areas with well-known actors.
Stranger-Things star David Harbor was likewise involved.
Harbor is an enthusiastic wow fan and even admitted in the past that his wow search nearly destroyed his life.
Last Friday, Harbor was included in another Dragon Flight Promo and streams on his Twitch channel Bravo axolotl together with WoW-Influencern such as Maximum, Annie fuchsia and Nagpur.
It ended up that David Harbor, as a genuine WoW fan and Jerk streamer, obviously also understands Wow’s most significant Twitch banner and his material

Mongol is shocked that David Harbor is seeing his content.

When Liquids Raid leaders Optimum Harbor asked if he could evaluate his transmit, the star replied: Oh ok, it will be a sort of Mongol matter here.
The other WoW streamers were visibly surprised that Harbor is undoubtedly acquainted with Mongol’s Tran smog contests on his Twitch Canal.


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At that time, Mongol was in the stream and wrote Tell David I Love Him in the chat Inform David I Love to get his attention.
Harbor continued in common Mongol way with his transmit rating and resigned for the option of his ugly blue shoulder pieces.
Even if he himself is a sort of web well-known, Mongol was blissful that a popular star like David Harbor pursues his content.
One of his spectators made the suggestion that Harbor should quickly participate in one of his transmit rankings.
Will we soon see a joint stream of the OK member and the actor?
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Sebastian Glazer