In Call of Duty MW2 and War zone 2, you can get several new operator skins by buying different sets. The set Lionel Messi Operator is now available in the game. The fever of the World Cup was covered by COD, and players can even take part in the support event of the Modern Warfare FC team. Here are all drawings, cosmetics and objects from the Lionel Messi Operator set to Call of Duty MW2 and War zone 2.

Cod MW2 Lionel Messi Operator Bundle Price, Cosmetics, Drawings and much more

As in the case of the skins of Neymar Jr. and the field of the yoga, players can purchase Lionel Messi Operator Set from the Shop tab for 2400 COD’s. The set includes eight unique items, including the skin of the operator of the star of Argentinean football. In addition, in this set there are two tracing drawings for Vasnev-9k and FSS Hurricane SMG. These weapons drawings are pre-equipped with various nozzles. Players can use these drawings, even if they did not unlock weapons or did not increase its level. Here are all objects from the Lionel Messi Operator set.

  • Skin Operator Lionel Messi
  • No firearm: final reception
  • Drawing atomic flea: Vasnev-9k
  • Blue Thunder: FSS Hurricane drawing
  • Treble: Skin for car
  • Bloch 10: Charm for weapons
  • Battle of Messi: Stick with weapons
  • The goal: Emblem

The Lonely Messi Operator is unique, and the final reception will appeal to football lovers. In the drawings of weapons there are tracers, which means that each bullet you have released will have blue. Visit the section of gunsmiths to experiment with weapons if you want to install new nozzles on drawing weapons. Take the weapon to the training ground after equipping with new nozzles to check it before throwing 2 into the combat zone 2.


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