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Microsoft Hosts Game Dev Day

At the level, the Game Dev Day (Game Dev Day), hosted by Microsoft, will be talking about gaming server for indie developers and startups.

This game Dev Day will be broadcast live at the MS Korea office and live, live on the community’s online YouTube channel.
The presenter of this event will be attended by ▲ Song Yong-sung, CEO of Soon-Soon Studio, Representative Operator, MS Azure Channel Sales Manager Choir Younger, and Park Byung-soo Wide Brain CTO.

Game Dev Day is available to anyone through YouTube channels.


In this event, three topics will be addressed: Gaming Baas, Azure Playful, and [email protected] Program, and mainly talks about gaming server services that can help Indie developers and startups.

Choir Younger, Microsoft Manager, introduces the [email protected] program, a Microsoft’s support program for Indie Studio and Startup Game developers, and various services of Microsoft.
Subsequently, CEO Yong-Sung Song will take a look at the reasons and advantages and disadvantages of choosing Azure Playful, a gaming server solution for small game developers.
Park Byung-soo, CTO, will deliver various reviews and know-how with a customer who uses Playful.

Song Yong-sung, the host of the event, said, With the development of various solutions, small or individual developers of indie-sized, unlike the past, are also challenging server-based game operations and multiplayer games.
It is helping, but at the same time, it is suffering from a lot of difficulties because it does not secure proper information or does not receive the right developer support. The chance as this seminar and support for Microsoft’s indie developers will help to build a better development culture.

I want to be prepared for this seminar with the hope.
It was revealed.

The level system is an information sharing community for indie, individual and small game developers, which have been operated since 2014, and now mainly works with various knowledge and sharing knowledge activities for technology-based creators.

Joy-Con Drift: Problem Explained, And The Fix Is Very Simple

Despite having more than five years in the market, it seems that the controversy of the Joy-Con Drift is something that will never abandon the switch.
Although in the past we have already seen this case reach the Court, once again a group has indicated the reason why the controls of this console fail so much.
According to Euro gamer, a report by Which states that, even after a few months of use, the Joy-Con plastic circuit plates show significant wear at the control points of the control.
As a consequence, this makes Joy-with deviate, or move on its own.


In response, Nintendo mentioned that this problem is not so frequent, and pointed out that the survey only represents a small amount of affected controls, and have improved the design several times since the launch.

The percentage of Joy-with controllers who have experienced problems with the analog joystick in the past is small, and we have been making continuous improvements in the Joy-with analog joystick since its launch in 2017.

We hope that all our hardware works as designed and, if something does not achieve this objective, we always encourage consumers to communicate with Nintendo’s customer service, which will be happy to solve openly and indulgence any problem of the problem of the problem of the problem of the problem of any problem in the problem of
Consumer related to analog Joy-Con controllers, even in cases where the guarantee no longer applies.
The Which report also criticizes Nintendo’s returns and reimbursement policy in relation to the problems of the Joy-Con.

Here it is mentioned that the company should provide a refund or compensation plan for anyone who can demonstrate that he bought a replacement joy-with Switch launch in 2017.
In related issues, Joy-with that works with one hand have been created.
Similarly, children could sue for the drifting of the controls.
Editor’s note:
While the two pairs of Joy-with that I bought for the original model do have drifting, OLED controls do not have any problem at all.
However, I have noticed that my pro controller is already beginning to present symptoms of this problem.

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps Token Tracker


Looking for a way to get ahead in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? Then the new Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens are what you need! Keep up with them in this article, as we track their availability and expiration dates. With this information, you’ll never miss out on any of the great deals that come with these tokens!

Winter Wildcards will be the promotion taking over from the World Cup Team of the Tournament and bringing the World Cup material to an end in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

Stay up to date with all the Winter Wildcards Swaps and make sure you do not lose out on a single Token in FUT 23 by utilizing our tracker

When again, a Winter Wildcards Swaps system will accompany the project, providing you the opportunity to earn some additional benefits along the way

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The very first two Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens are now out!

WW Swaps Token Parade has come as a complimentary present upon login, with another in the FIFA World Cup TORT Obstacle 1 SBC

The SBC costs less than 3,000 coins and will reward you with a Little Gold Gamers Pack and a WW Swaps Token for Must

Winter Wildcards Swaps Token Tracker

2 Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens have been released, so ensure you act quickly to get them before they expire

Check out the Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens all in one location:

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The window for the following World Cup Swaps Tokens has actually now expired:

Token # | Launched | Where to Discover | Expiration Date | 1-Larade | 19/12 | Free on login | 6/1
2-Kunst | 19/12 | WC TORT Challenge 1 SBC | 26/12

Winter Wildcards Swaps Expired Tokens.

Blizzard To Nerf And Buff Classes In WoW: Dragonflight

This week, masses of changes for classes in WoW: Dragon flight were pushed to the PTR. Now, rather than being a card game, Hearthstone has turned its sights on World of Warcraft.


  • Back.
  • The damage to ‘ominous ecstasy’ was increased by 15%.
  • The damage to ‘soul burglar’ was increased by 20%.
  • The damage from ‘Schattenblitz’ was increased by 20%.
  • The damage to ‘Pandemic summon’ was increased by 500%.
  • Destruction.
  • The damage from ‘Chaos blitz’ was increased by 5%.


  • Defense.
  • The entire damage was increased by 3%.
  • The damage to ‘fatal push’ was increased by 5%.
  • The damage from ‘HAVE’ was increased by 10%.
  • Fury.
  • (2) Set perk: The bonus for the possibility of carrying out a vital hit was increased to 25% (previously 10%).

gamers versus gamers.

Based on the information we have actually observed in season 1, we make some App-specific changes.
One of the more thorough modifications that we make is the targeted MANA generation for different healers in order to much better make up for their longevity in relation to throughput in the PVP.


  • Restoration.
  • The recovery of flowering life was decreased by 10% in the PVP fight.
  • The end healing of flowering life was decreased by 10% in the PVP fight.
  • Note of the developers: Flowering life still makes a considerable part of recovery a remediation druid in the PVP, so we have minimized them.
    Our company believe that the throughput of the remediation druid will stay strong with this adaptation.
  • Balance.
  • The damage from ‘Stephenson’ was increased by 20% in the PVP.
  • The damage to ‘anger’ was increased by 20% in the PVP.
  • The damage from ‘star fire’ was increased by 20% in the PVP.
  • Note from the developers: The possible burst of stability druids has actually dropped significantly, while at the exact same time his continuous damage has increased.
    In general, this is a much healthier scenario, but we want stars to be a useful alternative for making use of astral power in the PVP.
    We would likewise like to reward stability druids for the work of anger and star fire, as these are more difficult to look in the PVP.
  • Wildness.
  • ‘Rudelführer’ now recovers for 3% of optimum health (previously 5%).
  • Keep in mind from the developers: As a consequence that DPS expertises have a higher self-healing than we would like, we make an adjustment to pack guides in order to better balance the self-healing of other DPS specializations.


  • Sacred.


  • Man areal regrowth was lowered by 35% in the PVP battle (previously 40%).


  • Discipline.
  • Man areal regrowth was decreased by 5% in the PVP battle (previously 15%).
  • The shade.
  • The period of ’empty salve: horror’ was reduced to 2 seconds (previously 3 seconds).

  • The damage from Learnable ‘was reduced by 30%.
  • The absorption worth of ‘power word: guard’ was lowered by 20% in the PVP defend shadow priests.
  • The healing of ‘vampire hug’ was reduced by 20% in the PVP battle.
  • The damage from Shadow word: Death was minimized by 20% in the PVP defend shadow priests.
  • Note from the designers: The self-healing of shadow priests is too high in the PVP, so we make targeted adjustments to their healing.
    We likewise target Learnable and Idol from Y’ Share due to the fact that we have seen that this can lead to frustrating circumstances if it is combined with other damage that triggers damage that triggers right away.


  • The damage to ‘Blackout step’ was increased by 15% in the PVP fight.
  • The damage to ‘tiger claw’ was increased by 15% in the PVP fight.
  • Fog weaver.
  • Man areal regeneration was minimized by 15% in the PVP battle (formerly 5%).
  • Wind runner.
  • The damage to ‘blowing the wind lord’ was minimized by 30% in the PVP fight.
  • Keep in mind from the developers: ‘blow of the wind lord’ and ‘thunder fist’ cause more burst than we would like, so we adapt them and increase the continuous damage.


  • The efficiency of the attack and activity of ‘disabling poison’ was reduced by 33% in the PVP fight.
  • Procedure.
  • The damage triggered by doubled poisons and bleeding from ‘death times’ was reduced by 30% in the PVP battle.
  • The tooltip will not show this change, but it will be remedied in a future upgrade.
  • Subtlety.
  • The damage to ‘secret technology’ was decreased by 30% in the PVP fight.
  • Note from the designers: The bleeding damage to meals is greater than we would like, and secret technique has the prospective to lead to burst windows with a very little counter video game, so we have compromised them.
    In addition, we feel most comfy with a decrease in the magic speed by 10 % in the PVP, so we lower anesthetic poison in order to reconcile it with similar skills.


The new raid in WoW, the vault of the versions has actually been open for a couple of days now and the mythical plus dungeons are likewise available for the gamers and are diligently visited.
For the Blizzard developers, this implies one thing above all: lots of data for balancing.
Dungeons and raids have already been checked in the beta, however only by a few gamers.
This was also revealed straight in the new RAID in the new RAID.
That didn’t look that great.
In view of the intricacy of the skill trees, it was not to be expected otherwise.
The designers now also utilize the new information straight for the first adjustments.
The devs are not precisely filigree and turn on the small screws, but rather punch on it with the coarse trowel.
In most cases it is simply stated: Class X triggers Y percent more/less damage.
But at least for the time being, this assists that specific classes or playing designs are not so strong or bad that they are almost always/never eliminated.
In the coming weeks, the smaller set screws will continue to be turned even prior to with patch 10.0.5, some larger modifications will come for the classes.

WOW (Buy now): Class balancing on December 21, 2022

Here are the authorities (equated by us) class changes for the upcoming ID:
Now that season 1 has begun, we are preparing the following adjustments to the classes that are brought out during the weekly maintenance deal with December 20.



  • Remediation
  • All healing were increased by 5%.
    This modification does not apply to PVP battles.
  • The healing of ‘hug of the dream’ was increased by 25%.
    Rich soil now has a chance of 1.5/ 3% (formerly 1/2%) to spread out renewal.
  • The tooltip does not show this change, but it will be corrected in a future update.

death knight

  • The damage from ‘soul harvest’ was increased by 10%.
  • The duration of ‘icy claws’ was increased to 10 seconds (formerly 6 seconds).
  • Unholy
  • The period of apocalypse-ghoul was increased to 20 seconds (formerly 15 seconds).
  • The damage to ‘death coat’ was increased by 10%.
  • The damage to ‘raging shadows’ was increased by 6%.
  • The damage to ‘scourge’ was increased by 6%.
  • The duration of ‘epidemic’ was increased to 10 seconds (prior to 5 seconds).
  • Harvesting ‘now increases the damage to’ soul harvest ‘,’ scourge ‘,’ blackening shock ‘and’ death coat ‘by 25% for challengers with less than 35% health (previously 20% damage).


  • The damage to ‘disintegration’ was increased by 15%.


  • Temporary
  • The whole damage was decreased by 3%.


  • Fire
  • The damage from ‘Pyroschlag’ increases by 12%.
  • The damage to ‘spark’ was increased by 5%.
  • The damage to ‘fire stroke’ was increased by 12%.
  • The damage from ‘fireball’ was increased by 12%.
  • The damage from ‘sinking’ was increased by 12%.
  • Frost
  • The damage from ‘ice lance’ was increased by 12%.
  • The damage from ‘hail’ was increased by 15%.
  • The damage from ‘Frost blitz’ was increased by 15%.
  • The damage to ‘glacier sting’ was increased by 15%.
  • Columns’ now suggests that ‘icicles’ and’ ice lance ‘struck another destination near 80% (previously 65%).
  • The tooltip will not show this change, but will be corrected in a future upgrade.


  • Wind runner
  • The whole damage was decreased by 3%.


  • The shade
  • The MANA cost of ‘power word: guard’ was increased to 5% of the fundamental MANA (formerly 4%).
  • The damage to ‘vampire touch’ was increased by 10%.
  • The damage to the shadow word: discomfort was increased by 10% (just for shadow specialization).
  • The damage to ‘shadowy look’ was increased by 10%.
  • The damage to ‘feasting on pester’ was increased by 10%.
  • The damage from ’empty flash’ was increased by 20%.
  • The damage to ‘thoughts’ was only increased by 20% for shadows.
  • The damage to ‘ideas’ was increased by 20%.
  • The damage to ‘thoughts’ was increased by 20%.
  • ‘Got on Y’ share’ increases the damage triggered by 5% if ‘experience’ is created on a location that is shot in worry (previously 15%).


  • ‘Sounding clarity’ now means that ‘etching blame’ produces 2 additional combination points (previously 3).
  • Measure.
  • The entire damage was reduced by 3%.
  • The ‘fatal mixture’ damage reward for weapon toxins was decreased to 10% (previously 15%).
  • Disallowed.
  • All damage was lowered by 3%.
  • Subtlety.
  • All damage was minimized by 3%.


  • Reinforcement.
  • All damage is minimized by 3%.

  • Healing totem of the recovery river was increased by 15% in the PVP battle.

  • Support.
  • The damage from ‘Elementalschlag’ was lowered by 15% in the PVP battle.
  • ‘Primeval wave’ suggests that the next ‘lightning strike’ hits all destinations with ‘flame shock’, with 75% of the typical damage (previously 150%).
  • Repair.
  • The recovery of ‘spring flood’ was increased by 15% in the PVP battle.
  • Elementary.
  • The damage from ‘Elementalschlag’ was reduced by 15% in the PVP battle.
  • Note from the designers: We have repeatedly discovered that elementary stroke in the PVP triggers too much burst damage both for reinforcement and primary.
    In addition, lightning strike in connection with primeval wave caused more burst than preferred, which is why we lower the value of primeval wave so that lightning strike can continue to shine alone.
    When bring back we target at supports for immediate effects to improve survival ability.


  • Demonic hug no longer gets 10% additional perseverance in the PVP.
  • Note from the developers: Witch champs are still more able to make it through than we want to have it, so we make additional targeted modifications.
  • Back.
  • The duration of the ‘Hillenbrand’ website was lowered to 6 seconds in the PVP.
  • Soul fire life withdrawal no longer grants taking in if the PVP heals at full health.
  • The recovery by the soul fire health stone was minimized to 20% (previously 30%) in the PVP fight.
  • Demonology.
  • The cooldown time of ‘calling the devil’s hunter’ is now one minute (formerly 30 seconds).
  • Keep in mind from the designers: Demonology magicians have a wealth of control options in their tool kit, which can frequently be used, so we have actually changed the cooldown of devil hunters.
  • Destruction.
  • The damage from ‘Chaos blitz’ was increased by 15% in the PVP fight.
  • The damage to ‘shadow fire’ was increased by 30% in the PVP fight.
  • The damage from ‘burning’ was increased by 30% in the PVP battle.
  • Note of the developers: Headmaster of destruction in the PVP traditionally shines through large burst windows, and we have the sensation that there is something lacking in this regard.


  • Furor.
  • War painting now minimizes the damage suffered by 5% (previously 10%) if you have an anger result in the PVP fight.
  • Note from the designers: Our company believe that furor warriors are too resistant, even after the adjustments of the previous week at their self-healing by blood thirst.
  • Security.
  • The damage to ‘Schildschlag’ was reduced by 20% in the PVP battle.
  • The damage from ‘Rewound’ was lowered by 20% in the PVP battle (only protective warriors).
  • Keep in mind from the developers: Security warriors continue to trigger more damage even after the current adjustments than we would like.
    Sometimes, we have observed that they take on specializations triggered by damage, which is why we make extra targeted modifications to shield strike and injury.
    To the homepage to the gallery.

Check Out The Trailer For Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning

Throughout the course of this week, the starting shot for Avatar: The Way of Water, who has currently caused a stir with a couple of trailers.
It is now understood that there will be another excellent factor to view the new film by director James Cameron in the cinema.
You can anticipate unique product from the Action Movie Mission: Impossible-Dead Numeration Part 1. At this point we will explain exactly what it is.

Mission: Difficult satisfies Avatar

Paramount Pictures has revealed through the main Twitter channel that a unique sneak peek of Mission: Impossible-Dead Numeration Part 1 will be connected to Avatar’s IMAX version.
This can be seen in the corresponding IMAX cinema from December 15, 2022, and ought to be displayed in the lead of the primary film (in this case Avatar 2).
Particularly, this is a brief making-of-special in which director Christopher Macquarie and Tom Cruise offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the most current objective: difficult.
A small foretaste of this unique grants a 15-second teaser that can be discovered in the statement tweet.
In it, you can see Macquarie and cruise in preparing a bold stunt, in which a long ramp and a deep canyon remain in focus.

exists likewise a new trailer to see?

It is rather conceivable that this unique will be a new trailer from Mission: Impossible-Dead Numeration Part 1, which need to likewise open a short time later with different video platforms.
Such a procedure already existed at TOP GUN: Maverick before his theatrical release in May this year.

What can you anticipate in Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part 1?

In the now seventh movie of the series, Tom Cruise once again slips into the role of representative Ethan Hunt.
Simon Egg, Rebecca Ferguson, King Thames and Vanessa Kirby are also on board again.
The theatrical release is for the 14.
Planned July 2023.


The 2nd part of Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning is stated to be on 28.

Follow June 2024 and finish the large story sheet.
Source: Paramount Pictures through Twitter
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LeBron James Ripped For Loss By Skip Bayless In Extraordinary Rant: HAVE SOME GUTS, NO

If you’re a sports fan, then chances are you have an opinion on LeBron James. The NBA superstar – who functions as the Cleveland Cavaliers’ franchise player – has been under fire for the duration of his career due to his polarizing style and outspokenness.

He went on social networks to tirade about how LeBron James ‘doesn’t have the guts’ and lacks the ‘clutch gene’.

LeBron James got a lot of heat as soon as again from none besides the infamous Avoid Bagless.

NBA experts blamed James for the LA Lakers’ loss against the Boston Celtics last night. Bagless called out James for not stepping up to close the game and win it for his group.

A few days ago, Bagless had actually ripped James for the same sentiments on his show. He called James Choke City and stated that he’s unparalleled with Michael Jordan. For someone who claims that he’s not a LeBron James hater, Bagless sure does like talking smack about the gamer.

LeBron James and LA Lakers be up to Boston Celtics in dramatic overtime finish

Bagless might be making a point when he said that James must’ve taken the shot inside rather than forcing a 3.

Looking at the stats, none of the players outside the LA Lakers’ huge three installed any substantial figures on the night. The gamer who scored the many outside the big three was Lonnie Walker, who had only seven points and 3 rebounds. It was Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook who did many of the scoring on the night, with the trio integrating for 90 of LA’s 118 points.

LeBron James wound up taking the swan song in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

Ball game was connected at 110-110 after a huge mid-range jumper from Jayson Tatum. What exasperated Bagless was the reality that James decided to take a 3-point shot rather than drive down the lane and potentially get sent to the line instead. Nevertheless, it’s most likely unjust for Bagless to put the blame on James.

What infuriated Bagless was the reality that James decided to take a 3-point shot rather than drive down the lane and potentially get sent to the line rather. It’s most likely unjust for Bagless to put the blame on James.


For someone who declares that he’s not a LeBron James hater, Bagless sure does enjoy talking smack about the player.

Davis was in double-double figures as soon as again with 37 points, 12 rebounds and three assists. James nearly accomplished a triple-double with 33 points, 9 helps and nine rebounds. Like Davis, Westbrook also had a double-double trip, installing 20 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists.

When he said that James should’ve taken the shot inside rather than forcing a three, Bagless may be making a point. He may be forgetting that basketball is a team sport. If anyone must be answering for the loss, it needs to be the Lakers’ role gamers. As coach Darwin Ham stated a month earlier, the bench requires to step up and assist their big pet dogs win video games.

Gensin Impact Test of Courage: Where can I find the Dango. During the test of courage in the context of

Fairy tales have served as a way to scare children into behaving since the beginning of time. But what happens when the monsters aren’t monsters and the heroes are kids? That’s where the Kits Kumodameshi event comes in and shows us that fairy tales can still be scary while being family-friendly at the same time.

Throughout the test of courage as part of Genshin-Effect, version 3.3 of the Kits Kumodameshi occasion, gamers have the task of discovering a few bottles of Mango milk together with their chosen partner who are hidden in the China forest.
Where precisely can you find the products?
To assist you make it through the new occasion as soon as possible, here you will discover the Mango milk throughout the test of courage.

Gen shin Effect Test of Guts: Where can I discover the Mango milk?

The Mango milk is not tough for everyone who desires to experience the occasion as quickly as possible, as you can discover the objects by first going down the significant path that either an exclusive dialogue either with Kamikaze Ayala, Keisha
Or good.
As quickly as the interaction is complete, all you have to do is go along the course up until you pass the last wood structure, and then go and make an U-turn to the course with some Fox statues and a staircase to your.
In the middle of the stars, Into will try to frighten you, so take it as an indication that you are on the ideal track.
As soon as you have walked through the 4 statues, just continue to the area specified by the indications to discover the Mango milk and to finish the very first part of the test of guts.

As you can see in the photo listed below, The Mango Milk is located northeast of the area of the area.
Now that you know where you will discover the object, we highly recommend that you concentrate on checking out the area a bit more instead of going straight to the Mango Milk since there are numerous interactive minutes.
Gen shin result is presently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile gadgets.


  • This post was upgraded on December 17, 2022

Snow Pipe Hwaseong Solidification, Global Publling Contract with Game Pub. Snow Pipe (CEO Kim Jung -ik

Snow Pipe (CEO Kim Jong-il) announced on Friday that it has signed a global publishing contract with Game Pub (CEO Sundae CHO) with a subculture collectible RPG Hwa-ryeong (tentative name).

Snow Pipe, which is developing Hwaseyeongsolhwa (tentative name), has been established in 2014 and has launched Fig King Toni M and Transformers Alliance, which utilizes famous IPs, and is accelerating strategic SLG Looters-SURVIVORS BATTLE.

Hwa-ryeong-seolhwa (tentative name) is a collectible RPG that depicts the real stories of heroes, mythology, and fairy tales.
The main feature is to collect a variety of paintings to raise levels, and get a sense of accomplishment through party raids and PVP battles.
In addition, you can enjoy existing familiar tales with adaptation, providing players with different fun.

Meanwhile, Game Pub, which was established in 2015, introduced the fleet combat strategy simulation battleship empire, and introduced Final Three Kingdoms 2 and Mir’s legendary 2 reboots, and in 2021, with the success of My Little Forest, 2022
Global launch, in July, Fairy Tail: The greatest journey was the No. 1 market.

Kim Jong-il, CEO of Snow Pipe Co., Ltd., said, We are looking forward to the future because we can collaborate with Game Pub with Game Pub Co., Ltd. through global purple contracts.
I will try to work, so I would like to ask for a lot of interest and support.

Hwa-ryeong-seolhwa (tentative name) plans to launch it in the global market in the second half of 2023 through this agreement.

FIFA 23 Gets Free For Limited Time


Officially the World Cup in Qatar will be finishing this week, a roller coaster of emotions that is emerging so that Argentina is placed as the world champion.
For that same reason, EA Sports has decided to light the flame to finish the year, so users can play FIFA 23 for free of charge.
Of course, there is an important detail to consider, since the only ones who can give their respective tested to the game are PC users, specifically those who have the Steam application installed.
To this is added that at this time the game has an interesting discount, approximately 60% in its two editions.
As already mentioned, the use of sports video game has a time limit, so users have until December 19 to be able to squeeze the player’s profile as much as possible.
It is worth commenting, that there is the possibility of transferring the Save data for those who want to buy the final version after the free period.
In news related to free games, Ubisoft recently confirmed that they would be putting free Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, only there are some aspects to consider.
If you want to know more about this news, we invite you to click on the following link.
Via: Steam
Editor’s note: It seems that the end of the year is a time to regulate, because it is like the third company that offers its free games, well, perhaps not free, but a test that gives time to play many days to the full title.

How To Increase Your Odds Of Packing A TOTY Card In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Every year EA Sports selects eleven players from their football game and puts them in a card which is available for the purchasers of packs to buy. These cards are highly sought after by gamers who want to play with the best players, but not everybody has that chance. There are many ways you can increase your odds of having one of these cards drop in your pack – find out what they are here!

With the World Cup content winding down in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team gamers are beginning to look ahead towards the upcoming promos in the FUT calendar.

Of course, the main tourist attraction on the horizon is the fiercely prepared for FIFA Team of the Year (TONY) promo!

Twelve of the best items we will see in the totality of the game cycle will be offered, resulting in an absolute pack-opening craze!

New Sneaker Stock Drops! Buy & sell authentic tennis shoes, including Jordan 1 Zion Williamson Voodoo

Shop Now

So, learn how fortunate you will require to be to pack a Group of the Year card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group and how to increase your chances listed below.


What are the opportunities of loading a TONY?

Judging from the FIFA 22 possibilities, every pack that can be purchased via the Shop, consisting of Ultimate Packs (which cost around ₤ 17/ EUR21 per pack) are listed with less than a 1% opportunity of holding a TONY item.

There are packs with a greater probability of consisting of a Group of the Year card, however, these can not be purchased in the FUT Store.

The chances of packing a Team of the Year card are the most affordable of practically any items launched during the Ultimate Group calendar.

How to increase your odds of loading a TONY

Saving your guaranteed 20x 84+ Unusual Gold Players Load from the World Cup Swaps program, for instance, and opening it once the TONY remains in packs will give you an increased possibility.

EA will likely restore league upgrade SBS too. These SBS permit gamers to submit low-chemistry squads of Non-Rare and Rare Gold cards in exchange for a pack that guarantees Unusual Gold cards from a specific league.

A Winter Wildcard Swaps program is on its way into Ultimate Team soon if you’ve currently spent your World Cup Swaps Tokens then do not stress.

We are also yet to see EA introduce an Icon Swaps program in FUT 23, so this will no doubt be going into the game within the next couple of months.

There’s no genuine way of increasing your chances of packing a TONY aside from opening the packs which provides you the best possible opportunity to do so.

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