The Walking Dead, the popular AMC series that adapts the zombie universe of Robert Kirkman’s comics, finally came to an end lt Sunday after 11 seons, a final that although it closed some arches, opened the door to new stories that were They will develop soon through several spin-offs, either with the new series of Daryl Nixon, Maggie and Began or the expected epilogue of Rick and Machine, in addition to other series underway such Fear The Walking Dead or Tales of the Walking Dead. But what does the end of the series for the future of the franchise mean? We warn of Spoilers about the end of The Walking Dead from the next paragraph.


We are the ones who live: meaning and consequences

In the lt episode of The Walking Dead we have been able to attend one of the largest zombies of the series with the terror unlehed in the Commonwealth, with Governor Pamela Milton between bars and the occional death of a main character, such Rosa after the bite of a non-world. For his part, Daryl says goodbye to Carol and the rest of the survivors in search of new horizons, in order to give rise to his next spin-off.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Began finally have a conversation about Glenn’s murder at the hands of the second, with Maggie facing the ghosts of his pt and denying forgiveness to Began, although recognizing that he wants to turn the page. Began, shortly after, ends up leaving without giving major explanations. How will Maggie and Began work side by side in Isle of the Dead, his next spin-off?

Although the most surprising revelation is the epilogue starring Rick and Machine, who have appeared invited stars to fire the main series and offer the first clues about his next limited series, which aims to put an end to its history. Apparently, Rick h remained imprisoned all this time, while Machine h not ceed in his search; Of course, Machine’s final plane on horseback against a colossal zombie army is already a television history. However, they will have to reunite, giving meaning to the motto that is most repeated at the end of the episode: We are the ones who live.

The director of the series, Scott M. Simple, h talked about the meaning of this lt sentence with which The Walking Dead closes: This phre w always quite wild, but I never took it if only applied to living people, Because that seemed a bit exaggerated, ‘hey, we are the ones who live, a shame about all those people we wanted’. No, it seemed to me that the relationships and love between the characters w something that could not be extinguished, and that is what w forged in that hell that they have lived together, and the triumphal is that they will live forever the one on the other, and beyond. That, for me, is the message of the whole matter, he explained in a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly.

Will Rick and Machine meet in their next series? How will Daryl end in France? Why Maggie and Began cross their ways again in New York? The Walking Dead still h a lot to tell.