For all the new characteristics and mechanics that Pokémon Scarlet and Purple introduce in the series, there are many that are transferred from previous titles. Case in question: There is still a lot of Pokemon that you can only evolve after increasing their friendship. However, if you are like most players, you only have a general knowledge of mechanics and want to learn everything you can. How to increase friendship in scarlet and purple Pokémon.

Luckily for you, we have all the answers you are looking for in this complete guide.

How to increase friendship quickly in scarlet and purple Pokemon

As you will have guessed, friendship in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is a general measure of how close you and your Pokemon are. The more you cross them, and the more you kill them successfully, the closer they will be.

As such, the best way to build friendship with your Pokemon is to prioritize its growth without minimizing your safety. Keep the one who is actively trying to increase the level of friendship at the head of your group whenever you can, and use it in the battle against Pokemon Wild and Pokemon of coaches to level up. If they hurt in battle, serve them as quickly as possible with potions and other healing elements.

You should also buy a Soothe Bell in any of the deli bird stores presented throughout the game. When a Pokemon is given to hold it, this element will increase your friendship faster and substantially reduce the amount of time to maximize your level of friendship. The bell costs 5000 Poke dollars or League Points, and can be found in the General Goods category.

Then, there are the mechanics of increasing friendship that are quite new in the series. Take them out of your Poke Ball and make them walk with you in the open areas of the game as much as possible. This will also increase your friendship level, as long as you do not let them be injured or knocked down when wandering Wild Pokemon too often.

Similarly, you must regularly picnic with the Pokemon that you try to be more friendly with you. During these breaks manually activated in nature, you can make sandwiches that you and your Pokemon can eat together in addition to playing together and interact with them. If he does, he will not only increase his friendship, but will also give you and your group other useful benefits.

How to check the friendship level of a Pokemon

However, with all this said, you may want to verify the friendship level of a specific Pokemon while approaching them in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple to make sure you are constantly progressing.

To do so, you must find a specific NPC located in Cascara fa, the city where you can face the water gym leader. It can be found near the lower left hedge on the side of the fountain that is located in the center of the city, standing next to a mar ill. We have included a screenshot of how it is seen below for reference.


screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

With luck, this was clarified how to increase friendship in scarlet and purple Pokémon. To get more information about the broader series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many more guides about Scarlet and Purple, including some about how to get Ice Stone, how to restart the game and how to play with friends.

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