Larry, the leader of the normal type from Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, an amazingly accurate layman, with low self-esteem and hostile attitude to his boss. His restrained disappointment shines in the powerful physical movements of his Pokémon, so you need to play smartly, otherwise you will be knocked out. If you need help to challenge the Medal gym, here is our best advice.

How to defeat the normal leader of the Larry gym in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Larry will use three Pokémon to withstand you: level 35 mosquitoes35 level of Dudunsparcy Level 36, Editor that will use the shape of a normal type when it enters the battle. The first two Pokémon should not cause you special troubles, but the last Pokémon of Larry, Radiator, will greatly amaze you. Facade. This movement of a normal type, the strength of which increases if the roofing or suffers from status ailments, so be careful to accidentally not give this Pokémon an advantage.

Good Pokémon for use in this battle include a combat type of Pokémon, as they have an advantage in the attack against normal types. Parrot or Agrawal, if you have chosen Huxley as a starting one, work well on it. Although there are many other combat-type Pokémon that you can choose. If you want to be more protected, add a steel type or rock type of Pokémon to your group, since the attacks of a normal type will be less effective against them.

What is the secret Treasure Entry menu in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Before you can challenge Larry, a medal gym in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet will require you to order a secret menu item at the best restaurant in the city. Treasury. This is the largest restaurant next to the first place on the map above. To find out what a secret menu is, you need to defeat three normal trainers of a normal type of normal type throughout the city in places marked above. They will give you tips, as well as an inconspicuous man in a black suit sitting behind the Treasure Eatery counter.

If you want to miss the battles, and not gain experience, this is what you need to order from the waiter in green in front of the restaurant: fried rice balls, middle portion, fiery style exploded lemon.


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