After 14 years in the market, and with plans for the future, Marvel’s film universe has become an entire industry. However, everything has to end eventually, and many wonders when the MCU will have a conclusion. In this way, Nate Moore, Marvel Studios Vice President of Production and Development, spoke on this issue.

In a recent interview in The Town With Matthew Bellini podcast, Moore was questioned at a possible conclusion for the MCU. Although the Vice President of Production and Development does not have a clear idea of this, he pointed out that if Marvel Studios does not assume his presence in this industry, they can continue to create content for years. This was what he commented:

I think it can last a long time. I think we have to continue… we can’t sit in our laurels. We cannot think that we have the answers. We have to continue expanding the limits in terms of gender and what we are willing to explore. But for me, Marvel movies are just movies. Our material of origin is just… it would be like saying, hey, are the films about books to last forever? Probably.


But they came… it’s cyclical, right? Things come back. I think we can go for a while. We have many great things in process and, honestly, we cannot find space for them. One of Disney +’s best things was that we could tell stories that we were like, I don’t know if we will be able to tell that story. And now, we are like, oh, do we have another way out? Because, we don’t want to make ten movies a year. That will be bad. Moon Knight, for example. We have been talking about Moon Knight for a long time and I just couldn’t be on the board because there are too many things. But, suddenly, we have a secondary exit where we can tell six hours of a great story of Moon Knight that would not otherwise exist. And I think there are many other properties that we have not had the opportunity to count. So, I think you can continue for a while, it’s always a long time. Certainly, we don’t feel that we have finished.

For its part, Marvel has plans at least, to continue on its way until 2026. Once the Multiverse saga comes to an end, writers still have hundreds of stories in which they can be inspired to make this Universe take its courses. With the properties of X-Men and the fantastic 4 in its possession, the sky seems the limit.

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Editor’s note:

Usually, heroes movies, especially Marvel, have compared with the Western and musicals. However, the current market is completely different from the one we saw when these two genres failed. The only thing that could be an impediment to Marvel, would be the actors, who may not want to dedicate their lives to these projects or, as happened with Chadwick Boseman, they cannot move on.