In recent years, games in the social reasoning genre, commonly called mafia, are increasing. One of the well-known games is Goose Duck.

GoSuSuSu Duck is one of the players in charge of citizens, ‘duck’, which acts as a mafia, and ‘neutral’ characters that are not belonging anywhere. Not only did they have the fun of the Mafia-based game, but they are loved by many gamers through geese and ducks armed with a blind and strange cuteness.


This guise duck participated as a brand zone in the G-Star 2022 Ben Booth. In the Guru Duck Zone, which is decorated like a mall duck mansion, one of the in-game maps, you can enjoy the feeling of entering the game. In addition, if you participate in the SNS certification event in the field, you will also be given a chance to select a photo card with a cute Goose Duck character.

Goose GU’s Duck Zone is full of geese (or ducks) watching the visitors with dazed eyes. Can you distinguish between goose and ducks and escape safely?